We Played The Alienware UFO, A Switch-Like PC Gaming Device

Alienware made a big splash at CES 2020 with the Concept UFO prototype, a PC that you can take on the go like a Nintendo Switch. Michael Higham and Mat Paget got hands-on with it and give their impressions.

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  1. Let’s hope it’s not like the GPD portable laptops were they are expensive and it can barely play any new AAA games

  2. I hope the ufo has the following:

    1. upgradeable nvme ssd
    2. Takes xbox and ps4 controllers *Natively wo bluetooth dongle!!
    3. Gigabit ethernet port
    4. i9 intel cpu
    5. Latest Nvidia gpu
    6. Atleast 32gb ram
    7. HD resolution

  3. maybe for the Alienware UFO they make a battery powered solid-state storage enclosure as Nintendo prove that you don't need to boost the video as all we need is extra storage to run your games off as maybe the solid-state storage enclosure could be battery powered off a USB is there a biggest speakers that can be powered by battery that are also powered by USB type c but maybe they could deviate in use Thunderbolt as they are very similar

  4. One question if it comes out can we put old classic games from the previous years on it like downloading from the net? so we can play classic games on modern consoles like this cuz I have my switch I love it I played some of new games when it the console came out and Nintendo online subscription so far only has nes and snes games and now with the pandemic all the big events are being canceled and some other things are now going virtual only now with vaccines it’s only be amount of time before the old normal comes back now.

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