The Unreasonable But Correct Way To Play The Witcher 3

So you watched The Witcher on Netflix and you’re itching for more. Naturally, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the way forward. Newcomers or veterans alike, Jake Dekker, GameSpot’s resident Witcher expert is here to show you the correct way to play one of the best RPGs ever made. In this video,…

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  1. I remember when i first got and started playing W3 i loved it so much i tried not to play it bc i didnt want it to end. Until Fallout4 came along this game ruined gaming for me bc nothing else compared.

  2. I'm 93 hours through the game, and a few hours into the Netflix series… I'll get round to reading the books and playing the first two games, but TW3 is unbeatable and I'm hooked

  3. I don't know is anyone is ever gonna see this but I need help accessing the DLC after beating the main game. Once Geralt is back in Kaer Morhen, he's unable to leave the room (I've looked all over and I can't find a door that will open) and I can't go work on the BaW or HoS. Do I need to go back to the save right before the On Thin Ice Quest, or is there another way to continue playing?

  4. I built a pc to play games like this but by the time I built it I had already put over 100 hours into the ps4 version.

  5. It's gonna take a lotta disciprine, but if you're up for it you can do what I'm doing on my fifth playthrough…where your patience allows, run instead of sprint. go on foot instead of on roach (who will be on a roof anywho), fast travel way less, turn off objectives n stuff on the minimap, and in lots of cases quite literally walk from place to place. this works for any big game like this, rdr, gta etc. optional bonus ideas include using torches when it's dark/rainy, wearing nice clothes in town or at least taking your armor off (which leads to times where you get into combat feeling unprepared, which is exciting), eat regularly, and try to get to an inn or friendly building before meditating : ) also, take skills that seem fun and don't just stick to one kinda combat. you get so op by the last 50% of the game that it's not like dark souls where you have to do that to survive. Crank the difficultly as high as you're comfortable with ; p

  6. My 3rd attempt at playing this game today tried when it came out and every year since, does something just click while playing it because I just can't get into it way too complicated too much to do just feels lost takes ages to load every time I die awell

  7. The English voice acting is quite nice and immersive though. Especially the peasants' strong dialect and the dwarves' Scottish accent or whatever it is.
    There are few languages that have as many strong regional variations as English

  8. terrible, just terrible.

    You DO NOT need a PC to play the Witcher 3. It would be ideal but if you got an xbox series x or a ps5, the experience would be just as good.

    What you SHOULD do however, is make sure you got a good sound system (good headphones or good speakers) as sound is half the experience.

    You should also make sure you are playing on a good monitor / tv. If you are going to be using a cheap VA monitor you might as well not bother. Make sure you got a proper monitor or tv with good color accuracy and reproduction. The visuals are the other half of the experience, don't waste them on entry-level displays.

    And for the love of God, DO NOT install mods in your first playthrough. No only they are complicated to install, but you literally do not need them.

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