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Temtem – New Gameplay Today

Tack and Alex join Cork and Leo for a look at the private alpha of Temtem, a Pokémon-like MMO going into early access on Steam on January 21 and coming to consoles in 2021.

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  1. Losing 100% against the first trainer, so it's one of those games. That purposefully tries to make it seem like a game you have to work at, by putting you up against unbeatable odds.

  2. another example of Dan being surrounded by people who seemingly have no interest in the game and want to make terrible jokes the entire time.

  3. I think it looks nice. The monsters are well designed and a lot of thought was clearly put in. Buy boy o boy are those human character models extremely unappealing, and the art style (especially with the human models but also overall) in need of some refinement. It just doesn't pop the way I want it to. A refinement to the art style would take this game into potentially serious pokemon competition.

  4. I’m extremely interested, but Nintendo in the past has waited until something is successful to pull out the lawyers. Look at Pokémon Uranium. The game was in development for 10 years, and was well known for most of it. Nintendo didn’t say a word until after the game released and was downloaded by over 1.5 million players. It took Nintendo 2 days after launch to force the game’s removal. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re just waiting to see if this game is really successful.

    Hopefully it’s like a 3D Game Dot situation where Nintendo can’t do shit about it.

  5. Pros:
    Good battle system
    New "pokemon-like" game
    Available on most platform

    Sleepy music theme
    Artstyle (not that pokemon good either, atleast Sw/Sh is nice)
    Need more badass pokemon temtem design (saw most of them on official web and gameplays)

  6. Already better than 30 years of what GameFreak has done 😉 heavy exaggeration but I’ve been unimpressed with Pokémon for years…

  7. I think it's a pity that you played this like a Pokémon game. You skipped all the dialogs and just kept talking about Pokémon… This it's own game and it deserves all your attention. Not just running through

  8. For a first game for its series its solid. I'm all for it. I'm deffo gonna check this game out.

    We actually need more similar games so pokemon would stop milking peoples money. Sword & shield is decent but after how many years did they finally decide to make a decent game. Last pokemon game that was good before this was gold & silver.

  9. yuck as i first heard of temtem being a new mmo, i was like yay doesnt look too shaby from screenshots. never expected it to be a crappy pokemon rip off… i think id rather play pet battles in wow while waiting for the dungeon group to form up than playing turn based shit like this

  10. So this looks better than Pokemon, plays better than Pokemon, and has even a more original and fun gameplay than Pokemon since you always use 2 Temtem's which can lead to great combos (Like dual battles in Pokemon in the online, that's way more fun than single battles), K I'm ready for this.

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