Resident Evil 3 – Official Nemesis Reveal Trailer

The Nemesis is hunting STARS in the latest trailer for Resident Evil 3.

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  1. I love Nemesis will be losing armour over time, becoming more fucked up and dangerous with each encounter

    Just like Mr.X at the end of RE2

  2. For those that don't know….he can run,infect other zombies,become spiderman,tentacle grab you far away,tank MASSIVE dmg,and give you a free but extremely pain hysterectomy

  3. All the comments are from fake accounts and employees of capcom blowing up this horrible game. Boycott capcom and violently raid capcom buildings even in america

  4. No matter who says what about nemesis being stronger than Mr. X , you gotta admit. Mr. X's calmness was way more sinister than nemesis relentlessness. Also, Mr. X was classy AF wearing a fedora and a tophat 🎩

  5. man re3 was such a half made rush job 1st half of game I enjoyed but second half was crap re5 boss fights etc we wanted survival horror not crappy re5 action hero bs

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