Pokemon Sword And Shield – Expansion Pass Announcement Trailer

The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are two brand new expansions coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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  1. The Pokémon community is an outrage because they aren’t used to DLC. Welcome to something ever company does for money.

  2. 1. Did most of these people who are nitpicking shit about this game bought the game for nostalgia or for the game itself(new content)?
    2. Did you get the game(Specifically Sword And Shield) to just play with the same fucking pokemon that you have seen/played with before since first gen or the gens after?
    3. Did you get the NEW game to play it as a NEW game that is in the part of the POKEMON SERIES?
    4. Are you being held at gunpoint and is being forced to buy the NEW dlc?
    5. Lastly, If you hate that nintendo released a new pokemon title, WHY EVEN BOTHER ASK FOR A NEW POKEMON GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

  3. What I want 2 know is, will the expansion packs give a chance 2 reselect a new starter Pokemon all over again so U can add another starter 2 your collection, or something like that? I already have 2 of the starters & would like 2 add the third 2 my collection. ;$

  4. Alright, men. This is a serious situation. I'm setting up a Command Post here, and we'll be deploying observers to try and get around the clock updates from the scene

    -We need three groups…
    Group Alpha: In charge of sheet metal fabrication.
    Group Branson: Will handle assembly.
    Group George Preppard: Will handle craft services.

    Any questions?

  5. For Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion in either the Isle of Armor DLC/ the Crown Tundra DLC they could add Pidgeot, Lopunny, Luxray, Lumineon, Lilligant, Vivillon, Beautifly,Tyrantrum, Dragonite, Delcatty, Lurantis, Swanna, Leavanny, Zebstrika, Florges, the Unova, and Kalos Starter Pokemon

  6. I’m pretty excited, actually. I like the concept. I’m most excited for the music, however. The original osts were really well made, (Bede’s theme, Marnie’s theme, and Hop’s final theme were really good.) and I can’t wait for more. I hope Avery’s theme is chaotic, and Klara’s theme is cute, but has a threatening vibe.

  7. This plus the og game should have cost $60 total, maybe a bit more give or take. Not $60 for a half baked crappy story game that was underwhelming and two add ons that together cost an extra $60 that will probably have similar problems and has stuff that should have been in the og (ex. Gigamax starters and the other og starters other than charizard)

    I remember looking at the original trailer for sword and shield and being excited for getting something that looked top quality and fun, so these trailers make me feel ripped off and wondering if I’ll just waste my money again

  8. Can someone help me please? Okay so I bought the expansion pass for shield but nothing changed in the game. How to I activate it?

  9. I serious cant wait for the dlc
    I really want idk
    If they do another pokemon direct for may
    Here is my prediction
    1) hopefully is gonna be both dlc
    2) releases date for both
    3) new pokemon form and giganticmax
    4) new evolution of reggie announcement

  10. Only the RAT KIDS Will waste His Money for Buy a shitty DLC of a incomplete game, because of this bastards gamefreak dont make again good Pokémon games like Pokémon platinum, black white 2 etc …. Now you need waste 100 to 120 bucks for Buy a complete game , this Is a joke

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