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New Gameplay Today – Doom Eternal

Join Ben Reeves, Brian Shea, and Alex Stadnik as they descend into Doom Eternal’s newest hellscape and examine all the new features, areas, and upgrades they can get their demon-slaying hands on.

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  1. this is what we get when journos play and present video games…. u two talk like neither ever worked on covering video games, and the knowledge that u two have about doom is an insult to ur viewers

  2. I think of doom 2016 & doom enteral as a more remastered modernized version of classic doom (93) & doom 2 (94) wonder if we will get the same for possibly a doom 3 with the doomguy as the main character but I don’t think so ??‍♂️ would be nice

  3. nope. sry, dont like this Serious Sam style doom. bring out some creepy doom like doom 3 and not a hack and slay shit with overload of effects

  4. Man…Brian Shea was so clueless and weirdly condescending in this vid. Saying "they don't stray too far creatively" or that "almost seems that they're in on the joke this time" as if the team at ID have no idea what they're doing. Really bad pick for the commentary imo

  5. 3:10 Cant tell if they edited the video to play BFG Division in the background, or if thats the IN GAME audio, in which case its confirmed that you can play doom 2016 tracks in Doom Eternal.

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