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Magic: Legends' Mind Mage (4K) – New Gameplay Today

Tack and Kim join Cork and Leo to show exclusive new gameplay of the Mind Mage planeswalker, one of two we’ll be showing in our month of coverage. Come back tomorrow for another New Gameplay Today showing off the Geomancer!

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  1. I don't mind if it is a Diablo Clone, ARPGs are fun and have a lot of replayability . MMO's are usually come out as a boring grind.

  2. Hey I am ALL FOR an MTG Diablo Like where you do a mix of summons and spells because like, every card in MTG is a spell kinda thing I know that much but…. Why call it an MMO? Sure PoE and DIablo 3 are online and Diablo 4 and Torchlight Frontiers sounds like they're gonna have MMO elements with this open-ish world but… Don't promise an MMO then make this.

  3. Everybody's angry about this "Not being an MMO". They specifically said that this mission is a solo mission in a multiplayer game for the purpose of displaying the class's powers

  4. I’m actually pretty hyped for the potential this game has.
    Classes look good so far and I like the range of customization between classes and diff deck colors.
    Hopefully the other two classes will be demonic cultist with a transform ability and an auramancer.

  5. I got into Alpha today, so I'll be giving this a shot on Oct. 29th.

    For all of the people hating by saying it looks cheesy, clones, etc – Pay attention please, this is PRE-ALPHA, apparently a lot of players don't understand what that means. Also, this is far from a Diablo "clone" , it's nowhere near as fast pace , I don't see them getting swamped by mobs all over the screen and I am sure it'll have a hella lot more creation than Diablo. I bet it'll actually have more set armor variety / deck customization so that it's not the same boring stuff every season over and over like Diablo. Amazes me how many noobs jump aboard the dumb train without even giving it a shot or understanding that this is ALPHA, not a full game.

    Another thing, I am very excited that they're giving us a different type of game for Magic, I mean at least they're trying something new instead of the same boring shit like Diablo. I played a game back in the 90's on PC where you got to walk around a map and fight random mobs / plainswalkers to duel them and win cards that was friggin AWESOME! So, yeah I love playing the Magic card game, however it gets boring really fast.

  6. A unica coisa que posso falar, depois de todo o tempo esperando e idealizando o mundo do jogo… Podre, nojento! uma vergonha entregarem um lixo desses. Esta péssimo ate se fosse feitos por fans que nunca ouviram falar na temática. Um bom conselho para os desenvolvedores disso, seria apagar esse erro e recomeçar do zero.
    The only thing I can say, after all the time waiting and idealizing the game world … Rotten, disgusting! a shame to deliver household waste. It sucks even if it was done by fans who have never heard of the theme. A good piece of advice for the developers of this would be to erase this error and start over from scratch.
    Das einzige, was ich sagen kann, nach all der Zeit des Wartens und Idealisierens der Spielwelt … Faul, widerlich! eine Schande, Hausmüll zu liefern. Es ist scheiße, selbst wenn es von Fans gemacht wurde, die noch nie von dem Thema gehört haben. Ein guter Ratschlag für die Entwickler wäre, diesen Fehler zu löschen und von vorne zu beginnen.

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