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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Is One Of 2019's Best Games

Matt Miller adored this game this year, and he explains why to Brian Shea and Leo Vader over graphic footage of Leo repeatedly dying gruesomely.
This is the final video of our 2019 GOTY series! Let’s hope 2020 gives us as many games to get…

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  1. Making my way downhill, cycling fast
    Rocks pass and I'm home bound.
    Da da da da da da da

    (I'm sorry I did that, just felt relavent to the title when I read downhill)?

  2. After watching this video I had to get Gamepass and try it out for myself. You're right, the nature sounds are very soothing. It's a peaceful game to play. Minus the bloody crashes haha

  3. I am so buying this game. It'd be cool if they eventually added multiplayer! Imagine a dozen riders all launching at the same time.. lol like Megavalanche

  4. Best game so far this yr for me… imagine this game have PS4 graphic , this will be a must have for everyone. and maybe lonely skiing, snowboard..

  5. Really appreciate the comment in the video about the two types of controls, that was exactly what I needed to know before making a purchase. Keep up the great work guys

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