Journey To The Savage Planet Review

Journey to the Savage Planet is a charming and upbeat adventure about exploring an uncharted planet in service of your corporate overlords. Journey to the Savage Planet releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 28, 2020.

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  1. Except metroid and castlevania, the two meshed together game titles are largely 2d side scrolling platformers where the focus is to kill stuff. So… not exactly an intelligent choice to compare to.
    The gamepad use is obnoxious to watch. this game reminds me of another which is designed for VR.

  2. For once the French version is a thousand time better cause all doubled in Quebec French. With the accent and the expressions. The actual most funny part of the game. In English it loses all this language humour

  3. More people need to play this i only gave it go because it is on GamePass , so glad I did, great gameplay and very funny! One annoying boss level aside it is brilliant!

  4. I'm a little late but I recently got this for PC and it's amazing! The level of detail is incredible, it's very entertaining, and the graphics and aesthetic is GORGEOUS. I really appreciate the time and effort the devs put into this, and I wish this game got more hype.
    If you are on the fence about this game, just GET IT. Taste is subjective so I'm sure theres a fair few people who wouldn't like it, but you cant deny the quality of the game even if it's not your style of gaming. If you're into resourcing, building, exploring and some boss fights thrown in, you will love this. I cant say enough good about it. I bought it and went it blind; I'd never even heard of it. And I have not lined a game this much in a long time, maybe since Pathologic 2, especially for impulse buys. I always love when an impulse buy turns out great.

  5. At the start of the review it says played on PS$ captured on PC. Is the PC footage shown also played with a PS4 controller? I saw quite a few button prompts for PS4 controller on the screen.

  6. What are "I-ems" a "3d Prin-ah" "Alien Cri-ahs" and "preda-ers" Can someone teach this lad how to pronounce his "T's" He talks like one of these little gangster estate boyz, I was actually waiting for his to say the word "Innit?"

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