How Games Are Lying To Us About Silencers – Loadout

Whether it’s protruding from the barrel of James Bond’s Walther PPK in GoldenEye 007 or being gently screwed on to Snake’s SOCOM in Metal Gear Solid, video games and movies love to use the suppressor. But did you know that suppressors, or silencers, as they’re more commonly known, are in fact…

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  1. the welrod is actually superior as a concealable covert weapon. While mechanically it can be seen as primitive, it used a bolt action and replaceable rubber wipes that made it significantly quieter than a surpressed semiautomatic pistol cycling back into battery

  2. 300 Blackout subsonic thru a suppressed bolt action rifle is incredibly quiet. Pellet guns make more noise. That same round through an AR platform is slightly louder than a pellet gun and WAAAAY quieter than a suppressed rifle with non-subsonic ammo. Not quite "only hear the action" quiet, but dang close. The number of baffles has a noticeable effect on suppression as well. Pistols are a whole different ball of wax. Main advantage to the suppressor is in not giving away ones position thru a flash report. That is especially important during night/lowlight operations.

  3. Gun nut here. If you use a .22 caliber pistol with sub-sonic ammo and a silencer, this is as close to silent as you will get. Pretty much every other caliber, the silencer will not silence it, It will just make it not as deafening. Still good to use to prevent hearing loss though, which is why they should be taken off the NFA list of weapons and should be more legal. Even in countries where there is a lot of gun control laws, silencers are not subject to the same scrutiny.

  4. Well for starters, let's stop calling them silencers (which is a MASSIVE misnomer leading to the incorrect perception of what they actually do) and start referring to them by their actual name: suppressors.

  5. My wife didnt understand why I laughed uncontrollably when I saw that John Wick scene in Theater, I had to explain their guns even with suppressors aren't that quiet

  6. as I understand, suppressors get quieter the more they heat up from successive shots. I've seen videos where someone uses one on a range and the first shot basically just sounds like a gunshot, but 4 or 5 rounds later they aaaaalmost sound like silenced shots in movies and games

  7. Ya they're not silent, they're sound suppressors, it's ment for it not to be so loud when you use the gun so it doesn't sound like a bomb going off in your ears, kinda like turning down the volume on a tv from 100 to 50. But it's not only video games it's movie's too.

  8. Am I crazy or did the Splinter Cell silencer not sounds too incredibly different from the real one? Like, obviously it's a little louder, but I was expecting the real silenced weapon to be way louder than the video game one, and it wasn't.

  9. Man i remember the first time I learned what a Welrod pistol was. It was in Medal of Honor Rising Sun on the Nintendo Game Cube. This weird lil integrally suppressed single action breach loader that sounded like a baby's sneeze… from the 40's lol

  10. Supressors actually act more like a barrel extention so IRL they would increase the weapons accuracy (a little bit.) Supressors are not a substitute for a real extension but will have similar effects because they operate on similar physical principles.

  11. 11 second into the video you show a Sig P320 pistol with a label saying it's a Walther PPK. So far you're not being very credible yourself.

  12. Small note: a .22 rimfire with suppressor is just about as loud as the action itself. No movie spy would be caught dead using something so unintimidating, but it should be quite effective as an assassination tool.

  13. What "annoys" me more is how in action movies, people have shootouts in hallways and whisper intel/commands to their partners in-between shots. Also empty cases hitting the ground louder than the gunshot. Suppressed or not, that's just not happening. Outside in a desert, in a forest with lots of moss or in an anechoic chamber, that should be totally doable with a suppressor.

  14. "Silencers do not exist" sounds like clickbait but would have been a true title. Suppressors exist and they aren't silent. Whatever people are thinking when they hear the word "silencer" is functionally mythological.

  15. A lot of weird speculations and opinions below. If you want to understand the difference if you have never heard a silencer before. Imagine the difference between an M80 going off, as opposed to a firecracker.

  16. Strangely he doesn't mention that types that use both water and oil exists. The premise is that the hot gases are cooled significantly by the oil/water and contract in the silencer some of what has been expanded to produce the high pressure that fires the projectile. it will take even more sound off, but not to video game levels.. you can also run normal suppressors wet.

  17. You omitted a lot of information from this video and this topic. You didn't explain how the silencer works… what are the physics, the engineering? Sub sonic ammo too.. Different silencers work slightly in a different way, how about explain those? This was a bad video tbh.

  18. We know silencers are too quiet in movies and video games, but to be fair unsuppressed shots are also waaaay to quiet in movies. You can with normal use of speakers not really replicate the loudness of gunshots. So when you watch a movie a rifle shot sounds like a rifle shot, just much less loud. Just as a suppressed shot often sounds like a suppressed shot, just, much less loud.

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