Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Games For January 2020 Revealed

The free PS Plus games for January 2020 have been announced. PS4 players can start the new year off right with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which includes the first three games in the series: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake’s Deception. PS4’s other free January game is Goat…

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  1. I’ve beat all the uncharted games but I look forward to playing them again. The story is kinda foggy in my head because it’s been like 5-10 years since I played them

  2. I played the Goat Sim last night, you'll get 2 free areas / "worlds" – the rest when clicked in game, it will take to you the PS store where other worlds will cost you $4.99 each. It's goofy kill time, no thinking required entertainment, I'm just glad it's free. I don't see paying extra money on this.

    Uncharted is nice (I have an unwraped latest version of this that I have yet to play – hence the unwrapped) I's in my library, I just need to free up space and find time to play this.
    No complaints…I always get my PS+ moneys worth with the freebee's

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