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Exclusive Magic: Legends Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Magic: Legends, coming to PS4, Xbox and PC in 2020.

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  1. I will wait for the finished product before I judge the game. I personally love ARPG's, but I get why people are upset when it was labeled as an MMORPG. People instantly thought of WoW, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy 11/14, etc. Not Diablo.

  2. 4 spells in an MMO?
    Is this even an MMO it looks like just another Diablo aRPG
    Why wasn't this more like Everquest in the Magic universe?
    What a waste.

  3. I would pay 10-15 bucks for it. No more. Looks fine for a few hours of fun. The guy that flies need to be ALOT fatter. Looks completely immobile…

  4. Shoutout to Evangelos Killer Mike for being the most hilarious little paid shill if ever there was one, valiantly defending the honor of this trashfire of a mobage from people who like good video games by repeatedly posting in exactly the same worthlessly incendiary (and borderline racist) style using their consistently bad grasp of English. I do hope you're get paid by the comment for your work.

    As for the game? Looks like absolute garbage.

  5. I signed up just to say how terrible this looks. You guys have an amazing franchise but no creativity or innovation. Very disappointing, way to rip off diablo.

  6. If there is even possible to summon many types creatures (by collecting them/their essence) then I will surely play this game. Let's hope it is not Windows 10 exclusive!

  7. omg, legit thought that it was an ad for some generic mobile game. I was waiting for the "skip ad" to show up the whole time.

  8. If you handed this project to the people who made divinity original Sin (Larian Studios) this game would be significantly better

  9. For any of the retards out there who for some reason think this is a mobile game: "Become a Planeswalker in Magic: Legends, an Online Action RPG for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4."

  10. Yes, because when i think ‘Magic The Gathering’, all i see in my head is a mediocre hack and slash garbage-diablo-clone, youre right.

    Thank you ppl for opening my eyes.

  11. I played the closed beta of this game. It's generic, basically a diablo 3 clone, and the only good thing about the game was the realm idea, except, out of the two realms I got to play, I was unimpressed.


    If you're not making a game to tell a story you are not making an RPG just an MMO

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