DOOM Eternal Is Metal As F**k

We played the first three hours of Doom Eternal on PC and saw QUITE A LOT. In the video above, Mike recounts his hellish escapades to Ashley while she does her best to understand what on Earth he’s talking about.

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  1. Yikes. A bit concerned to hear that ammo is even more scarce in this game then 2016. That was one of the only things I disliked about 2016 is the lack of ammo took me out of the game and out of the flow of combat. There's better ways to encourage players to rotate weapons than taking away the players resources. That seems like a lazy cop out. Don't get me wrong DOOM 2016 is my favorite FPS of all time and I'm more hyped for Eternal than any other game coming out in 2020, but being constantly low on ammo on the harder difficulties isn't fun. I've also seen some pretty intense platforming in some of the game play footage which I hope doesn't turn out to be too punishing , missing a jump by a fraction of an inch and then having to restart a long combat sequence because of an unfortunately placed check point is really frustrating.

  2. Soooo nothing negative to say? Smells fishy to me. There is always something negative or two sides of things. But reviewers rarely goes into those

  3. It's kinda incredible how Doom made a comeback after all these years. I mean it's always been a solid franchise, but after a long dormancy and yet here it is with an arguably stronger fanbase than ever.

  4. This is pretty much the fill in-game that the last Wolfenstein experience SHOULD have been like. That PC culture slate forcing the main characters to be about two chicks ruined it and this is what the fans actually wanted instead of it just making sense to make the protagonists be female like Samus is to Metroid Prime, this looks like it has tons of replayability so I'll definitely be scooping this up.

  5. Instead of battle ground slaver vs demon pvp
    I’d rather an arena survival combat co op mod (2-4players) where you fight increasing waves in amount and difficulty of enemies

  6. I know people like the metal music. Though my opinion is the music is about as metal as the sound of music. It could be way better. Like death metal or such. The music should be inspiring to RIP and tear yet it's so mellow I completely play as if though it's not there. Like it's a juant through a meadow field.

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