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Disintegration Closed Beta — New Gameplay Today Live

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Join Jeff Cork, Leo Vader, and Alex Stadnik as they take on the robotic hoard in the new Disintegration Beta.

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  1. I just wish the level design wasn't so cluttered. You are flying around and constantly gettin stuck in something outside your field of view. They should remove some pillars and some stuff that makes no sense to be there other to annoy you. Or make it third person view so we can be area of the each of the ship model and if it is hitting some environment asset.

  2. Got my beta code on PS4 played the tutorial and tried multiplayer….I'm sitting at 21 minutes and counting on matchmaking. Oh well. Open beta coming the 29th or 30th this month, hopefully more people will play so I can test multiplayer out.

  3. So just a quick look at the stat screen at the start, there's some real problems by the looks of it with the power levels for the different factions. Adding up the points in Durability, Handling and Speed (there's a maximum of 21 points, 7 in each category) puts the average on 12-13. LR, ND, TN, TS, WH have either, with KG only having 9 and TB going 15. That just looks like too big of a difference to me, even without knowing what any of these stats do.

  4. This has been one of my favorite series for a while. I hope you guys continue to get the recognition you deserve

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