The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

Watch The Game Awards 2019 for new game announcements, award winners, special guests, and more news for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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  1. Minecraft should've been nominated for best community support. In 2019, the fortnite community was waging a civil war over new additions and mechanics. What the Minecraft community came back from the dead and exploded in Popularity.

    Ps: who the hell plays Destiny 2. That game died ages ago.

  2. Buhga did not deserve to win the best ESports player award because he got all of his clout from the worst game in human kind. Give that award to Canadian on Space Station Gaming.

  3. 3:43:30 lol you can see all the smash fanboys spamming “SMASH” if you click on the live chat. Then when sekiro won, all of them were pissed and they were saying that sekiro didn’t deserve it.

  4. That Fast & the Furious BULLSHIT had no business being there, let alone the final premier of the night. That literally looked like a fucking PS2 game. Everybody was either dying laughing at that shit or were insanely pissed off at it lmao. Also why were those 2 out there at all? So out of place. Once again, no right to be there. What a farce.

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