Resident Evil 3 – Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer

Resident Evil 3 is getting a remake, and it will include the online multiplayer game Project Resistance. Coming to PS4 April 3rd 2020.

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  1. The finished game did not do the trailer any justice. Rushed. I lterally pre-paid for the digital download based on this trailer. Man was I disappointed with the finished product!
    They didnt need to make Resistance. They could have made this entire game with the correct storyline, added separate DLC for character arcs like Brad and UBCS operatives. How Brad knew about Nemesis wasnt even addressed properly. Brads death at Nemesis hands could have been his redemption by saving Jill. Capcom current design and QA team are just poor when it comes to thinking outside the box. They could have made the money they made from Resistance with the DLC. Wasted opportunity and not really much talent in that team when it comes to story boarding and understanding the mythology.

  2. Jill moves Faster and actually rolls out onto the street like the original game. in the actual game she moves slow as a turtle and flies into the wall

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