Hideo Kojima And Yoji Shinkawa Break Down A Key Death Stranding Scene | Audio Logs

How do you encapsulate the Death Stranding experience in one cutscene? Legendary game developers Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa walk us through an early scene from the game, and discuss what inspired them when designing Norman Reedus’s character, Sam Porter Bridges, the unlikely origins of BTs,…

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  1. When I started to play this game: What's wrong with you, Kojima?
    When I get addicted in making deliveries and building roads in this game: What's wrong with me??

  2. i think i'll replay Death Stranding again but i'll do it on the hardest difficulty, with PSVR for better immersion of the distances and sizes.

  3. Just recently been having sam drink beer and I always drink 3 for the extra energy bar, but if you drink all 5 and check on BB he stumbles and kida throws A drunk fit, even loses balance. People probably know this, but I just found out and when you shower you can see all the cans he kicked

  4. FF15のおにぎりと一緒

  5. yup! totally related! never play a scary game in my life yet I love this game to deathhhh! why spend all these times mindlessly killing monster when you could battle the terrain/weather and the environment!

  6. i have only played one metal gear and that was phantom pain didnt finish it but really want to get back into it when i free up some gaming time. so Kojima and Shinkawa dont have that nostalgia glasses when looking at them. but now that im playing death stranding. these guys are genius's! so talented and i cant wait to see what else they have in store

  7. "When he says he wanted you to know there were other players around, you just couldn't see them. Like when people pass away you're still connected." He seems like the nicest guy. He's such a genius and this is the first single player game that has kept my attention for more than a couple of hours. I raced through this game because the story was so brilliantly done and the gameplay was excellent. I really hope he makes a lot more games before something happens to him because I believe once this man is gone we will lose the chance to have amazing games like this.

  8. 5:10 ish which of them is it that keeps chuckling?? Either way it's kind of cute lol.. If it's Yoji Shinkawa as if another reason was needed to admire him as a person beyond his stunning character design and illustrative work. Thank you for sharing this video.

  9. "By the end the tears will be real"

    Kojima summed up Death Stranding in one sentence.

    Everyone should play this game, it is probably the best game of the past 15 years.

  10. I got a bit distracted when I realized that Hideo Kojima called Yoji Shinkawa by "Shin-chan". That was so cute! I can only imagine how close their friendship are 😆

  11. Honestly ive yet to fully download it on PC but im going into it more for its graphics art and the fact gorilla games engine brought the PS4 Pros limited 192bit VRAM interface the fidelity of lazy floating point based 4k. Asynchronous compute in regards to actual compute shaders, thats like another civilization out in the cosmos' way of doing things.

    Why on earth would they bother with pascals load balancing preemption, cache pipeline/logic, to accelerate and organize serial shader operations? Is dual math per pass in turing asynchronous compute too? Our language is too sloppy to really have meaning. Its being referenced like its some singularity point, when perhaps indeed, parallelism is the inevitable maximized technological bottleneck certainty. Shame so few game developers invested a set amount of resources into optimization of a 9 thread, split pool of memory secret handshake.

  12. It's so crazy the amount of thought and analyzation he puts into his own work. His creation process is so meticulously detailed.

  13. Just finished this game today!Was taking my time with it and put around 170 Hours in.
    Man oh man….this game…..does have its mistakes, and gets repetitive. The story could be a bit more… "simple" is the word I'm looking for.Complex story is alright and love the twist, but also kinda got lost at the end,i still got it what was all about but some of the dialogue confused me,had to look up online and read about the whole picture.Still,i fuckin loved it!!!!!

  14. I did notice the tar-covered BT in glasses, was gonna post the shot on Reddit and then found this vid, where Kojima said it was his cameo ))

  15. The boat scene with quiet reminds me quite abit of the boat scenes with Rikku and Yuna in FFX. A game where we venture to the world of the dead, to connect the past and guide the souls of the dead to the farplane.

  16. You what's strange? I intuitively felt the themes while I played the game, but I was never able to properly articulate them. I felt, "There's something about this game that I'm resonating with," but I didn't know what it was. Watching this video was like finally being able to see the image in the mosaic.

  17. 4:41 Dear Kojima San. With or without hood, when it rains that hard, you will eventually get water in your face. A hood does absolutely nothing to protect droplets from hitting your face when it rains that hard. The same goes for Sam at the beginning of the game when driving his bike. If it rains, and you drive a bike without face protection through rainfall, your face will get completely wet. Does rain has other physics in Japan? If it does, then negate my comment.

    PS: Don't get me wrong, I love this game, I love the concept of the gameplay. But simple story-logic-contradictions like this, and there are plenty in the game, are a pain in the *ss for a player trying to remain immersed in the story and keep it a believable experience.

  18. 11:49 "because people will know at this point that maybe some blood will be useful for dealing with the BTs."
    How can anybody make that jump, make that conclusion, when you have absolutely no context to place anything you've seen so far in the game? To me it wasn't even clear that this was Sam's blood, it looked way too bright and shiny to be human blood in the first place. I looked more like a red variation on the Chiral crystals, but instead of being dust , it looked like some kind of red Chiral liquid. At one point it started to make Sam's shoe melt, so I thought of it to be some kind of red acid, maybe from a BT, that spilled on his shoe.

  19. So if timefall is why America looks like a new planet, where are there trees in the game?

    Lemme answer my own question… these trees have absorbed chiralium and are resistant to timefall.

    Also they look nice in game.

  20. Mads Mikkelsen's character was my favourite. His appearance in the war scenarios was so menacing.

    The game gave me similar vibes to Dark (the German Netflix show), from the atmosphere and with the mix of science and philosophy.

  21. I am starting not to like the big holes in the map that losing a fight with the catcher makes.
    Otherwise pretty logical game.

    also I have fallen off my bike about a dozen times cause right turn (keyboard D)
    if right next to jump off bike (keyboard F) …jump off bike needs to be Bee or something….

    Kyatchā to notatakai ni makeru koto de shōjiru mappu no ōkina ana ga kiniiranai yō ni narimashita. Sōdenakereba kanari ronri-tekina gēmu. Mata, watashi wa jitensha kara yaku 12 kaiten taoshi, usetsu shimashita (kībōdo D) tobioriru jitensha (kībōdo F) no sugu tonari ni aru baai… Tobioriru jitensha wa hachi ka nanikadearu hitsuyō ga arimasu…

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