Call of Duty's Most Infamous Sniper Rifle – Loadout

If you played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after its release in 2009, the Intervention is a rifle that you’ll be familiar with. It went from being a relatively unknown weapon in the real world, to a digital firearm capable of seemingly impossible feats of sniping in COD’s multiplayer…

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  1. Quickscoping predates CS1.6. that's when Valve introduced the mechanic to slow down quickscoping. Before that you didn't even have to wait for the scoping animation to complete before pulling the trigger. If you had your shot lined up with your pistol, you could switch to your AWP scope, shoot and switch back to pistol. All within a second.

  2. Modern Warfare 2 will always be my favourite. I only wish they had an update to drastically nerf grenade launchers because of how they are abused in the game. its become a game of tubing the map. Its dulled the experience of the game. I know it probably won't be fixed but its still a dream

  3. I prefer semi auto. I'd rather have seen some other snipers in these games. Knights Armament sr25 is the one that I wish they had in all of them. Developed for the high standards of Navy Seal recon teams and absolutely more interesting than the svd and mk14 that seem to always be in these games.

  4. But it wasn't really a trick-shot as much as it was abusing the aim-assist the game allowed while switching to scoped view. If you aimed 3ft to the left of a target and went to scope, the games aim assist moved your reticle over the target. That's all quick-scoping is – quickly tapping scope followed by quickly firing before the scope is fully pulled up. On modern games like DeathLoop, aim above an enemies head, quickly squeeze ADS and fire and you'll get a headshot nearly every time. It's not skill, it's aim-assist!

  5. I can tell the author started on console since there was no mention of the fact quickscoping took off on console because it abuses the autoaim in the game. The skill is learning to abuse the autoaim, which is why PC gamers make fun of it on console. It's not the same as what people were doing in CS.

  6. Imagine if cod players still sniped like that instead of the actual cheating with ads times and aimbotting we have now

  7. I would have liked some actual data and Information about the Intervention, not just about Quickscoping with it.
    The Video was good, of cause, but there surely could be more Information about the actual firearm..

  8. Excuse me, but the awp or scout in cs 1.5 both were better guns. Required more skill. Aaaaand introduced noscopes, quickscopes etc a full 8 years before mw2.

  9. Very known in the real world. At least for solders. The rifle we cannot afford is how I used to think about it. Even the rounds will put a very hard hurting on a wallet. Cheaper now than ever. But they have a slightly smaller round now with a Cheytec .408. After the other rounds from other folks came out that competed and the old rifle is gone now. The price for a newer 408 M200 is about 14k$. The OG was way more costy.

  10. I'm surprised people didn't just find a way to code a bot to make the shot for them. Actually, I assume they did and there was a long battle between cheaters and anti-cheat tech.

  11. MW2 had so many good weapons that I never thought Intervention as overpowered. Famas, M16, Scar, ACR, UMP, RPD, AUG, Raffica, AK-47… all great weapons capable of killing at any range. I remember playing Black Ops and trying to decide which gun I hated the least.

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