Beat Saber: A Cut Above the Rest

After decades of being just around the corner, VR is finally here, and Beat Saber on Oculus Quest shows us what the incredible future of gaming will look and feel like.

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  1. This is definitely going to be one of those legendary games which changed the gaming industry forever, in this case, being a big part in making VR big.

  2. This games dlc is always overpriced for what you get. I don't wanna pay more than a dollar per new song y'all ?. Especially when Audica also wants to add the same music. Gimme some other music genres please. I still love the game, but I've spent close to 100$ on it.

  3. Beat Saber is the reason I want to purchase PSVR, but I’m going to wait until Sony makes PSVR wireless next generation. Only then will I purchase one. Beat Saber will definitely be my first VR game though.

  4. I took my VR headset with me on Christmas Day. I had everyone, from my cousin's 5 year old kid to my 50+ year old uncle, not only instantly get how to play Beat Saber and be good at it, (despite being largely unfamiliar with games) but to also have a really good time while doing so. People talk about how video games have gone mainstream, but I think it's going to be VR that truly introduces video games to the last few members of the mainstream who don't play them.

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