What Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC Is Like To Play

Red Dead 2 can push your PC to its limits, but Michael and Jean-Luc discuss how graphics and framerate can change the experience and cover other features unique to this version. Captured on PC.


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  1. I want a STALKER game that’s third person with the amount of detail of RDR2. With better controls obviously and a dynamic, emergent world.

    Say what you will about the sluggish controls and archaic mission design of R*’s games, no one crafts more realistic and detailed game worlds better than them.

  2. I maybe the minority but I'm running rdr 2 on %80 ultra on a 1660 super with 24gb of ram no issues idk though im no expert though

  3. I tried it on a friend's PS4. Loved the game, but I could not fight for shit with the controller.
    If I got ambushed in the wild by like 5 guys, forget it.

    I cannot wait to play it with a mouse.

  4. Just got my first PC this past June. Experiencing games running at 130/150 FPS with ultra settings is something to behold and when you play on console it’s literally night and day it’s almost like playing in slow motion looking through a screen lol I have always been a console guy because I just could not afford a pc and everything that comes with it BUT finally I have one and I WILL
    NEVER GO BACK!!! PC is the master class hate it or love it definitely takes a pretty penny to achieve the ultimate experience but if you have grown up playing video games your whole life it is definitely worth taking that big leap 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
    Specs: 480 godlike motherboard 1910900k overclocked to 4.7
    Rtx 3090 oc msi custome water loop/hardline copper tubing
    Asus PG35 monitor

  5. Runs great on my Nvidia GTX I didn’t think was gonna go so smoth and get some settings on ultra is just incredible i have it on Xbox one X and runs on 4k actually looks better than on my pc believe it or not but i feel better to play on my PC

  6. Yeah , recommends is i7-4770K – 12GB RAM – GTX 1060 6gb , but your game will run at 12-15 FPS on Lowest settings
    For Ultra settings you need Core i9 12900K maximum overclocked – 64GB RAM – RTX 3090 maximum overclocked for 40-50 FPS
    But if you wanna something like a 100 FPS on Ultra , you need to wait , Nvidia – Intel and AMD working on it , to create something for that

  7. 2:32 I cant stand the argument that 30fps is good enough for games that aren't competitive. Almost every game can benefit visually and sometimes even mechanically from a higher fps. Higher fps = smoother animations and less blur when moving the camera. It makes video games so much more immersive.

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