Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 12 Starter Tips You Need To Know

Be sure you’re prepared before embarking on your journey across the Star Wars galaxy as Jedi padawan Cal Kestis. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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  1. Another benefit – if you're patient – of heading to Dathomir first is that you'll get a lot of practice at combat. I needed it, and combined with the two-bladed lightsaber it really helped get me moving through things.

  2. I'm pissed because I started playing the game last night and got in a good few hours and when I turned it back on today I have to start all over again , are the medatation points not a save ???

    Do you save on the ship or is there a option in the pause menu??


  3. i mean if anyone actually needed these tips or didnt know about these tips im not even sure if you even have the creativity or iq to play an adventure, puzzle, action game to begin with, let alone a star wars adventure puzzle, darksouls game. the only noteworthy tip of all of these is the one where you should be careful so you dont rush into shit (learned that myself the hard way) and the spider web on the ground tip is also pretty useful. another tip from me dont overthink jotaz unblockable attacks. just roll left or right. those attacks are always forward. and if you get knocked down press X or circle, depending on which controller you are using, to quickly roll up otherwise he will probably attack again and you are instantly dead.

  4. I love the way they handle difficulty. Damage is fine, aggression is even better, Parry window…fair enough. I just hate when they buff health , damage sponges are just a pain.

  5. Going back every time you get an upgrade is a huge waste of time, you get maybe one or two more chests before you hit a wall that will require another upgrade you don't have yet. It's best to wait until you have all the upgrades and then go back to previous planets so you can 100% them in one go and not have to keep a checklist of what you still need for where.

  6. Was hoping this would be mentioned in the vid but: you'll hardly pay attention to your stamina in this game since the dodge mechanic is pretty efficient and doesn't cost stamina, only blocking will. BUT, boss and mini-boss enemies also have stamina bars you can see above their heads. As long as that bar is over 10% full, they can block or counter any of your attacks unless you catch them in a counter of your own (aka hit them from the side/back while they're in an attack animation). If you interrupt an enemy's attack with a Force move, it will deplete their stamina, and you can get free hits in. Learned this just now… 3/4 into the game, in a lightsaber duel vs. a certain boss I won't spoil.

  7. EA is such an idiotic company. If the game told me about the save points, I would have saved my progress. Anyone else had that problem? Why do you need to save, anyway? Shouldn’t it just auto save?

  8. Protip – Just accept this is the actual 1st AAA title since after Skyrim after all those media-bandied 'big-game' disappointments throughout the decade

  9. You k how when he says "what's the plan" well I was playing the game at the same time as watching this and they said that exact line at the exact same time. Mind frick

  10. I would've said, that a very important skill to learn in Fallen Order…is learning how to fight defensively. I went into this game, thinking it was going to be like The Force Unleashed…an action packed hack, and slash Star Wars game. Turns out, I was very wrong. Turns out, the game actually punishes you for being aggressive. Because, if you press the attack..the enemy can simply counter your attacks with a parry, and press an aggressive attack of their own. So, you have to learn to fight defensively…block a few attacks, and counter with a parry..and strike when you get an opening,

  11. Can anyone tell me what the controls are because in the tutorial, I can’t get past the part where you have to jump on the red climb thing, I just keep dying

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