Pokemon Sword And Shield Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield scale down the bloated elements of the series while improving what really matters, making for the best new generation in years.

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  1. why do this so called "pokemon fan" feel burden by wild encounter? that was staple for a pokemon game, its doesn't feel right seeing pokemon running around

  2. Yeahhhhh just my opinion but this review feels like some scripted shit. Not tryna hate but this game was definitely not worth its price point. Plus the fact that gamefreak lied didn't help. Shoulda been the 3ds pkmn game prices. That's just my opinion though.

  3. imagine sword and shield but with everything just better. the animation, the graphics, the y-comm. probs would be my favorite game in the series.

  4. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, a beautiful game with some of the most creative design I’ve ever seen making up one of, if not the best 2D platformer of all time: 6
    This lazy, poorly hashed together game with few redeemable features, over priced and blatantly uncreative: 9



    Hi, my name is Dasha! I am 14 years old. My first Pokémon Game was on the Nintendo 3DS, it was called “Pokémon Moon”. I got the 3DS and game on my Birthday on March 8, the same year it was released. I went into that game FULLY blind, my only experience with Pokémon was Pokémon CARDS, which I fell in love with! I really enjoyed playing through it, let me think, I beleive it wasssss… ah YES! It was grade 5! (I am currently in High School grade 9) I loved it sooo much! Pokémon Moon was so amazing, my first ever journey! Next, I remember seeing online this really ugly Pokémon fusion with something called… Necrozma? I brushed the “roumour” off, and researched necrozma and was like… “I COULD ENCOUNTER THIS?” It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Necrozma, was in my part forever! Soon I realized that the Fusion I saw is really a new game, and it was revealed to be called Pokémon Ultra sun and Pokémon Ultra moon. Dang I waited for the game, but, my mom said she would buy it to me for New Years (I am russian and I don’t celebrate Christmas, we instead do the same thing but with New Years with a bootleg russian version of Santa, it’s ridiculous but I love it), so I waited for Christmas… or so my I thought! I stole the game from my moms closet and played on it while she was not home. I was guilty, I literally cried myself to sleep, hahahah, I told her afterwards what happend and that I stole the game, and she was laughing! This is it for how I started playing the amazing game of Pokémon. This is where the fun begins

    (Dramatic Music)

    Imagine, 14 yo me, sitting, looking at my phone screen, seeing this GORGEOUS game on something called… “nintendo… swotch? Swech… Switch?!” Yeah. I wanted this game. BAD! I knew let’s go was a Pokémon game but I didn’t care. To me, it was hella ugly, I don’t know, but I didn’t have a switch so I didn’t care! I was DROOLING over this “sword and shield”.


    14 year old me, in October, sitting on my bed. Thinking: I WANT this game ( my mom and dad and I immigrated from Russia when I was in grade 3, we are a middle class family, closer to low, meaning that we can afford things, but not like 4 cars and a mansion, we rent a BEAUTIFUL apartment), but how will I convince my mom to get me a Nintendo switch lite AND a game? Well, good marks… yeah. Worked. A LOT. Lotssss if work! And my mom agreed! My dad also said he will get a switch cause he wants to play on it too, I got a BITTT greedy, but I was happy I was getting the game!


    So, it’s October and I’m waiting! No fishy Business, ( my parents hid the switch and game well, but I’m grown 14 and now I wont peek, I learned lol)! IT WAS DIFFICULT to avoid Spoilers, but I was strong and stayed under a rock! My starter choice was Sobble from the start, and I knew the starter evolutions because I wanted to chose the least popular one, but the one I like!

    THE DAY:

    I’m sitting, it’s New Year’s Eve, 10 PM! My mom comes up to me, and she tells me “Dasha, how about I let you open your present now?” Yeah, I got to play the game earlier, she said for my to go to bed at 11, so she wanted me to go to bed earlier because I usually always (still do) go to bed at 9 PM! I was playing, and it was amazing!

    ~ I have a rule where my mom lets me play only on weekends for a set time, but I’m a greedy little girl, and my dad was playing Zelda on the switch and breaking it on accident which hurt me because I waited for so long and took so much care of the switch, but him not caring kinda broke me, so I cried one night because I’m weird and my mom caught me, PS: she does not like my dad playing so she was on my side! She says she understand, but it’s a bit greedy of me, but she will talk to dad and maybe get me a Nintendo switch lite! This was aroundddd… I would check my switch lites date but because of parents controls I can’t got in settings lol, but it was 5-7 months ago so before COVID! Yeah, I remember going to Best Buy and getting a Cyan switch lite 🙂 I have it in my room right now, I’m looking at it in my over sized Nintendo switch case, I feel warm! But yeah!

    My dad is currently playing BoTW masterminds because * whisper: he’s addicted * and I’m waiting for the weekend to play Pokémon Shield, I have completed the isle of armour, and all the Dexes waiting for Crown Tundra! Pokémon has a place in my heart, I’m a teenager female which really should not be THAT addicted to Pokémon, but I love it!~

    quick thing before I end this off, if you would like to play Pokémon Sword and Shield with me, tell me I will edit this and put my FC in so we can play together! Thanks for reading my story

    THE END!

  6. The main campaign was yet another hand-holdy and forgettable story that we've already seen multiple times

    – Many Pokemon were cut, then sold later as DLC (or cut altogether)

    – Bare-bones routes that are extremely linear with no sense of exploration at all outside of the Wild Area

    – Mandatory EXP share which lead to easy over leveling and 0 challenge

    – Non-existent postgame content

    – Dynamax is an awful gimmick that will just be scrapped and replaced with the next gen gimmick like Megas and Z-Moves were

    – Uninspiring graphics that look more like an up-scaled 3DS game than a console game

  7. So legends arceus is given an 8/10, while this was given a 9/10? You know I think just having more to do in Legends Arceus postgame will already put it ahead of sword and shield. On top of all the innovations being made? This review in particular just wasn't made well.

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