Pokemon Sword And Shield Endgame – What To Do When You Beat The Game

Once you become the Champion in Sword and Shield, you unlock the Battle Tower, a post-game quest, and more. Here’s a list of everything you can do when you finish the game. Pokemon Sword & Shield are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword and Shield have finally arrived on…

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  1. I’m changing the title
    If you beat Pokémon Sword and Shield again if your data gets lost and your trying to gain your team back this is what you do after

  2. How come even if I was on my 4th Badge In a max raid battle I found a charmander is that possible because I thought u only get charmander from leons room!?

    Anyone else found charmander in a max raid battle?

  3. I think even with all the dlcs that are out and will be out, Sword and Shield feels pathetic compared to previous generations, even the main story is pathetic. And you know what game I thought had a pathetic post story mode? X and Y but they at least had a lot of stuff to do in the game itself. But Sword and Shield only offers a post game story that is mildly interesting than the main story but it should've been combined with the games' main story mode because who we got as a villain for this game is kinda dumb. The villain's motivation was kinda… weird and farfecth'ed (why worry about something that's gonna happen in the far future when you should be worried about the present? How do they know what's going to happen in the future?).

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