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New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Sorceress

Jeff Cork, Leo Vader and Ben Reeves show off more exclusive gameplay of Diablo IV, which can be viewed without commentary at although the commentary is VERY good. Subscribe to keep up with all the new gameplay…

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  1. Gotta laugh at people expecting something similar to the quality of Diablo 2 as if this was the same company that made that game, this looks pretty much like d3, and it's probably gonna be as bad as it is.

  2. This looks like the most boring and generic caster abilities I have ever seen. Guess I am going to have to wait for list arc. Blizzard has really become a very derivative game company.

  3. as an EXTREMELY "Casual game" I must say, coming to you for info when I see stuff like @3:29 .. "legendarys are dropping … like confetti" bro that's NOT orange, it's yellow and it's a RARE. smh, how do guys like you get lucky and get jobs like yours? /smh

  4. I always love playing this class, but the spells seems rather boring and bland. I liked arcane in diablo 3. Would have been cool if they added a dark magic skill set.

  5. "Clump up all the stats together and call it attack and defense. Make it so dumb that a child could understand."

    – Some moron in charge

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