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New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Druid

Ben Reeves joins Jeff Cork and Leo Vader for a look at the third and final announced class for Diablo IV. Head to to watch this gameplay without commentary (along with other exclusive features), and come back this…

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  1. 2min in and I already lost a big chunk of my interest in the game.
    We didn't raise skeletons as Necromancer in D3 as it was automatically done, now you don't need to transform as a Druid?
    What's next? Auto-spells as a Wizard?

  2. "…yeah, and you can tell that's different. That [transforming] is based on the attacks you're doing rather than I'm gonna shapeshift into a wolf and do a different bunch of wolf abilities."

    …yeah…I prefer to transform into a wolf and do a different bunch of wolf abilities. This looks stupid. Transform into a bear only to do a stomp and then out of bear form. Lame

  3. If it only wasn't whatever Blizzard is now…I might of been interested. Sorry WC reforged, Blitzchung, (was his banning fully reversed?) Guess I'll stick with anything but.

  4. Are they really going with the "you get items just for you so they can't be taken by someone else" formula? Fuck. I'm so tired of newb friendly garbage. This shit made me quit Diablo 3 after two weeks, besides the fact the game was just a shitty mess. This looks like more of the same.

  5. I Will play druid beacuse it looks fun to play i cant wait to play this game in a few years. Im kinda curious about the other classes Will come later on

  6. As a Diablo2 fan. This is fuckin ridiculous. Diablo isnt a Mario type flashy game. Its dark scary place that would make you flich when fighting the boss. thats why necromancer and druid was popular because they have summons with them. Im still playin diablo 2 but kinda dissapointed with diablo 3 and 4. Hoping for Diablo 5 to be go back to diablo 2 kinda thing

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