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Inside The Open World Of Diablo IV

In the final video feature for our month of Blizzard coverage, Diablo IV Game Director Luis Barriga and Art Director John Mueller sit down with us to talk about their vision of the next step for Diablo, including why the darker Diablo II-ish tone…

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  1. Microtransactions? If so I'm out instantly no matter the gameplay or story. I'm sick of Blizzards monetization along with every other microtransaction company. Mainly why all my favorite companies and games are indie games and from indie companies.

  2. are you cool with doing a dark diablo….i stopped right there. these clowns working on the game will surely lead to massive failure. maybe someone should tell them to actually play d1 and 2…

  3. I hear a lot of people complaining but I think this is going to be amazing. They listened to us when we told them what we liked and disliked about all the previous Diablo games and now they are giving us exactly what we asked for plus a bunch of other cool stuff. I dont know where this "Make it dark like D2" thing comes from… D2 was the most colorful and cartoony Diablo they made… D1 was the dark one. D2 had great game mechanics though with the skill trees and rune words. D3 flopped at the beginning because of the gear system and AH but they fixed that with the expansion and made yet another great game. D4 is going to be dark like D1, with good mechanics like D2, expanding on gear and endgame from D3 + open world + world bosses + endless endgame + unique and fun ways to play so you don't end up playing the same way every time… This is all great news! Stop complaining and just be happy that we get another Diablo!

  4. Quest should have a meaning and u should be rewarded for completing them as in Diablo 2 for example saving Anya in Harrogat. In D3 Quests are completely useless and pointless.

  5. It should have never went away from the dark beginnings of the first two games. (I'm looking at you Diablo 3, you cartoony travesty.) Who cares anyways. Blizzard needs to stop being China's bitch before I even think about buying from their company again.

  6. How much would it actually cost Blizzard to just remaster D2? I don't understand. For years we have all been saying THE SAME THING. D2 was amazing and could be amazing again if they would just listen. We like dark, yes. But this is just a darker version of D3. I can't shake the feeling they will ruin this one too and I'm waiting for nothing.

  7. Blizzard graphics too real?!? That's laughable. These guys did ONE major content release for Diablo 3 over 7 years and it was a bit on the thin side. Also, over that seven year span they released a grand total of two additional classes. People seem to forget this fact. They're gonna need to get off their collective asses to best Path of Exile.

  8. Probably 10 years they will do it. On release day it will look like from the previous generation. I feel that it will again(d3) be weak, boring and sucked by these candy graphics.

  9. Doesn anyone REALLY want this?

    We want a damn good Diablo 2 remaster. Graphic overhaul. Quality of life fixes. More runewords. Another expansion. 2 more characters. Easy $100 I'd give.

    That game is so damn good. Instead were getting a gimmicky (by virtue that they just keep saying "it's dark") Diablo 3 in a new lense.

    Um Diablo 3s aesthetics were the MOST obvious turn off, but that game was trash from the ground up in comparison to Diablo 2. I mean alpha or not they still have the itemization right now. Absolutely abysmal

  10. Hopefully there will be no paragon levels. Just the classic 99 that is super hard to reach.
    Have a set amount of skill points you can't change or maybe have 1 quest so you can. If you placed a wrong skill point you need to make a new character. This makes your build more special and also more replay ability. If these things are not there for the old d2 fans. I have no interest in this game. But I am still hopeful

  11. I for one love what i see so far. when Beta gets here and we all start to get a feel for it on a personal level, I think we will be able to provide some great feedback. I'm hopeful.

  12. It was at this day in the year 2019 that people will remember “this” Diablo 4 game will be nothing like the final product when released in the year 2025.. really hope they don’t go in the wrong direction from the current build of the game

  13. The sole reason I'm even remotely interested is because they finally said here's the druid. Sadly love or hate blizzard it only makes them grow more. Disney and blizzard taking over ?

  14. really they need to make more complex and add "str dex vit energy" and points for leveling for the player can put his own creativity in the gameplay i really dont like but attack defense and life make very simple

  15. May God save us from this evil spirit, Diablos are a fallen angel there is no place for him in this world or in heaven he burns in the fire of hell. Please Christians Be careful from this kind of evil movies, even the Actors speaks evils.

  16. Ide be shocked to see this release by the end of 2021 I expect 2022 winter release at the earliest if they didn't spend so much time on doable immortal we would see this game sooner

  17. the team wanted dark…bullshit..the market study dictated it when you took super mario visual direction for asian market . money decision will do what they will be asked to do .really quick.or swapped for another one prisoner for low salary = )

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