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GI Show – Death Stranding, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, Chorus: An Adventure Musical Interview

On this week’s massive episode of The Game Informer Show, Andy McNamara is joined by a rotating roundtable of Game Informer editors for a discussion on Death Stranding and exclusive details on Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, World Of Warcraft:…

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  1. Seems like deaths stranding is getting a 3 point review bump just because it’s from Kojima. If anyone else had made this the staff would reduce it by that much.

  2. Bro. Seriously. You’re taking over too much. You’re doing ok leading but you need to let your cast lead an talk more. You’re cutting people off when I want to hear what their saying.

  3. overwatch 2 sounds great! a lot of my fears have been addressed with this episode so thanks for the coverage! I appreciate how thorough you guys are 🙂

  4. I love making deliveries, but I hate the BT and MULE parts. Very repetitive and bad combat. Does anyone like this part of the game? I can’t understand how Kojima or anyone thinks it is good.

  5. I am in my 20th hour , and i have zero problems with running or walking around with a heavy load, i mean how do you not get used to the contols after 1 or 2 hours is beyond my comprehension, just think about the terrain you are in and it should not be difficult whatsoever.
    (if you are still expiriencing troubles hold L2+R2 at the same time when walking)
    So far i think it is a great game, and the only complaints i heard so far are equivalant of the whining of a BB.
    ps: Juba is complaining about not knowing stuff, thats literally written down in the game for you to read in the first 3 hours, if not eralier, do your homework, LazyJoe

  6. 2:56:20 I was once number 32 in the world in the light assault class on COD3. I was obsessed lol At that time it is such a grind to stay on that first page of the leader board. I wonder where I would he at today on there

  7. I don't think Death Stranding really explained how to do things correctly, and that's my main problem. It took me a couple of hours to figure out how to charge a bike. It took me running out of charge in my truck, not on the grid, to find out that I needed to be in the connection range to charge my truck.

    Diablo 4 is online only, didn't Blizzard learn from Diablo 3?

  8. I'm sorry for what I said about the GI Show. I love what Andy has done with the show and I've enjoyed it more than Minn Max. I didn't expect that. I have no interest in WoW and the game that was talked about after it but still found it to be compelling enough to listen to the whole thing. Andy has taken this show into an unexpectedly intriguing direction. I was clearly wrong about what I had said previously.

  9. Death Stranding for me is one of the best podcast games ever! While I´m delivering cargo I listen to podcast or music and when dialogue or Low Roar song comes up just I put the headphones back in the PS4 controller. Loving it!

  10. You're not supposed to go into combat especially against BTs. You mistaken the Seam with the Beach. You're supposed to walk more than run because you're a delivery man with heavy stuff on your back not superman. Theres so so many instances of things you completely misunderstood because you think its a typical action game in this podcast its amazing. Guess Kojima was right about americans, seems like you're half listening to cutscenes, you dont read tutorial tips, you don't wanna play the game how its intended to be played.

  11. I'm surprised I get to have a story about being a top player in the world for something but, in the process of getting the platinum trophy for Hotline Miami, I managed to get top 100 in every level and took a screenshot. Since it's cross-save, I'm pretty sure PS3, Vita, and PS4 share leaderboards. I'd have to look for the screenshots, but I believe my highest position was top 20, all without looking at tips or guide, so I'm really proud of that.

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