Diablo IV – FULL Reveal Presentation | BlizzCon 2019

Check out the world premiere of Diablo IV from BlizzCon 2019 featuring the reveal cinematic ‘By Three They Come’ and the first gameplay trailer.

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  1. The town is Tristram.
    Note the size, layout, and it has clearly been abandoned for a long time. The character supporting the protagonist is visibly wounded and "dead already", hinting at the urgency and danger of the quest. We can speculate that they followed the same path as the characters in D1. The tombstone in the beginning is Deckard Cain?

  2. Meh…I dunno. POE2 seems alot better. The cinematic was amazing, but the gameplay trailer doesn't seem up to par. It looks like its a slightly darker version of D3 that took elements from POE (like that barbarian jump), a druid that can only shapeshift for a second which isn't really shapeshifting and some monsters that look like they came from the POE universe, mixed it into a pot…and for the added price of $60, we might get a necromancer expansion -_-

  3. FUCK BLIZZARD Chinese Dictatorship and fascistic supporting company for money!!

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  4. This in 2018 would have been brutal. It's still good to see, but they are very late. They can't just take 10-12 years for each installment. Technology advances faster and faster each time. This is what happened to D3.

  5. @luisbarriga please allow an area in first act for people to openly duel, it keeps the longetivity of the game, as to drive to build the best character to PvP. And allow for permanence in character building, it makes high characters more valuable

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