Death Stranding – When You Get Your First Vehicle and Hot Bike Tips

Learn when you get your first vehicle, the reverse trike, in Death Stranding, as well as some useful tips to drive like a pro and avoid combat.

For the most part, Death Stranding is an excellent hiking simulator that forces you to manage your balance and remain aware of the terrain and weather…

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  1. Heard this drunk , and might i say i understood it all and ive never seen a gaming tutorial so to the point . Gppd shit Gamespot. Jesus i knew more then what i would normally fucking do and click on 3 youtube tutorials in which all are long and nothing to the point God bless Gaming 😌🎮✌

  2. be that as it may, point is the bike I thrashed and obliterated in BT territory near an incinerator is gone for good, yare yare daze, I have to go all the way to capital knot city on foot, that's 2200m

  3. 10 minutes in and I managed to sink my first bike for crying our loud🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
    Now I find out I'm gonna have to wait for a new one somewhere in Chapter 3???
    Good gods help me, my hubris/enthusiasm have been my downfall☠️

  4. Also, important: if you park your bike to take on MULEs, and you get knocked out, your bike will be GONE. That's how I lost my bike on the document mission in Chapter 2, and now I have to walk all the way to Port. Sigh.

    Edit: I found the bike on the map, it was moved quite far away, along with a few other items. So make sure to check the map thoroughly.

  5. Here's an actual tip for you.
    Drive the trike backwards over rough areas and steep and rocky hills.
    While not as good as the horse from skyrim. it'll still get you over a good portion of the environment.

  6. I just recently got my first bike. I haven’t come across roads yet. When does that occur? I’m having a bit of trouble trying to use my bike for deliveries . I don’t know how to get to the destination without having to club ladders and such

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