Death Stranding – Trailers VS Game Release Cinematics

Death Stranding has come a long way from it’s first 2016 trailer. Here is a comparison between some of Death Stranding’s earliest trailers to the final PS4 cinematics. The first trailer is the E3 2016 reveal trailer. Next, we compare the 2017 TGA trailer with the in-game cinematics of the…

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  1. One strange thing I noticed is why did they change Reedus's expressions in the full release when he picks up the baby at the beginning of the video? The trailer shows some incredible detail in his expressions and really makes you believe he is truly in pain. Where as the 2019 release does well but not NEARLY as good of a job.

  2. En definitiva me gustaba más la animación del trailer que la del juego en si, tenia su estética cambiada gracias a que kojima no quería revelar ningún detalle del juego pero fue por algo que me enamoré de los primeros trailers así que no los hubiese cambiado

  3. то чуство когда детализация в игре лучше чем в трейлере (кровавые вещи, мелкие детали…) правда осветлили больше но видимо чтобы комфортней играть было а не в потемках

  4. Very Simple Explanation as programmer and Gamer:

    Left is Ray Tracing ON and right is Ray Tracing OFF. 😉

    But the PS4 don't has the feature, so if the would make a remake, then you get this grapics on the PS5. 😉

  5. The PS4 pro trailer has the 5 Floating Figures missing, not sure if anyone mentioned this. wonder if it was completely scrapped from the game or not

  6. We must understand that death stranding will be released for PC in the summer of 2020, most likely the trailer is recorded with a super pc with RTX, I guess it will look like this in the PC versions, as soon as we settle for the shabby graphic card of PS4.

  7. Actually, this Game got an upgrade, most of them usually show a cinemática with super realistic graphics and the result is other

  8. Death Stranding was the first game made by Kojima that I played. At the the time I didn’t know much about him and couldn’t really understand why people where so hyped about it. But after I tried it damn… this game is a piece of art.

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