Death Stranding Review

Death Stranding is dense, complex, and powerful, steadfast in its belief in the power of love and hope when faced with overwhelming adversity.

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  1. This is probably the most mixed review a game has, and this Gamespot review i think is way more intellectual than the IGN review

  2. I've started playing it, put a few hours into it, I have to say it is definitely intriguing. It forces you to slow down and really think about survival and maintenance, source supply etc. I think it's worth a play. I'll check back in when I get further into it, I do suspect it will get repetitive and somewhat grudging in it's slow pace, but it keeps little surprises coming so we'll see.

  3. it's a bad game. I know I just spent 146 hours playing through it. The gameplay is repetetive. The story pretentious. And you spent more time scroling thrrough menues than anything else. 4/10.

  4. Hideo Kojima could have made MGS6…although the series really hasn't been great after MGS3. Maybe it was time for him to try something else?

  5. Unpopular opinion : Hideo Kojima is a real life time traveler. He sees the near future , travels back to the present to make a video game warning us of what to expect.

  6. guys must play this game if you still haven't. they phenomenal music will leave you in thought of joy, kindness and sorrow.

  7. I have to disagree – the NPCs are holograms and the "hello" and "thank you'" messages are the exact same cut scenes again and again and again. So it quickly becomes really, really uncanny and jarring – like watching a long dead recorded message and stops the NPCs feeling real at all. So it stops you feeling like the world is real and stops you wanting to help the NPCs. So it is a bit of a missed opportunity for a more emotionally immersive experience. It is very interesting how different people have such a different reaction to the game. You have had a very uplifting emotional response to the game even with jarring NPCs. The other issue I have is that I create a lot of structures such as zip line networks and I get zero likes on virtually all my structures. So I wonder why I spent so much time to get the resources to build a road or made the effort to climb high to build zip lines when no one else seems to use them. I am playing the game late but I still expected my zip lines to be useful to some people. I have a couple of pieces of road that get likes but nothing on the rest of the roads and not a single like on any zip line. So instead of making me feel "connected" to my fellow gamers it makes you me isolated and my work unwanted. The opposite of your experience. Overall I think this review is not informative enough and doesn't discuss inventory management or why some people may not like this game. It does not help people decide if this game is suitable for them.

  8. Fantastic review, I haven’t finished the story yet, more than half-way starting Chapter 8. The game takes awhile to find it’s legs, forgive the pun, but it’s fascinating. I’ve never played a game quite like this. Once again Kojima flexes his muscles as a visionary game designer & story teller 🙂

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