Death Stranding – MULE/Terrorist Advanced Combat Guide

At some point in Death Stranding, you’ll need to go toe-to-toe with enemies, and there are a bunch of creative ways you can take down your foes. Death Stranding is available now on PS4 and will be available on PC in 2020.

At some point in Death Stranding, you’ll need to go toe-to-toe with…

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  1. especially challenging endgame when you want Premium Miscellaneous deliveries for the Trophy achievement when you need to play on hard … and there is no mid encounter save

  2. if dont know why real gun is bad not play but real gun will kill em and this be a no no if cant not go burn the bodys

  3. I’m relatively new to this game and I took down a whole camp, every time I pass by they’re still unconscious on the ground, is this supposed to happen?

  4. The stealth parts really feel like MGSV. Any death stranding fans who haven't played Metal Gear Solid, if there are any out there, you really need to check those out.

  5. Well for me it's the SHOOT GUN 🔫 like to see them flllyyyy ahahaha only if I can carry them to tar pit. 😐 Just drive the truck and ditch it then let it sink 🤣. Will it ?
    Can't carry a live mule though..

  6. does anyone know what the corresponding bindings on PC are? i've tried holding different combinations of LMB or RMB when they attack and have never seen a parry prompt with the strand equipped and/or readied. i also can't bind the MULEs with LMB, RMB, M6, or M7 when I'm sneaking behind them.

  7. Hideo Kojima's game has so many "hidden" tricks that the game won't teach unless a person playing it try to experience. this is why DS is so underrated, but the only issue I have about Hideo's game is that the game will punish players for murdering lots of people, in MGSV enemies will try to put helmets, body armor and other items for countering the players strategy, in DS killing enemies will make a voidout.

  8. But they just get back up again, so this is really not helpful. Knocking the out for a minute or two doesn;t help in a large area with 15-20 MULES. And there IS no way to kick or punch them once they are down, at least not on PC. The command doesn't come up.

  9. This was super useful thanks.

    Some things I learned disabling mules/terrorists with trike or truck.

    Be sure to have a charger nearby or a long range vehicle. It takes a lot of battery to ram everyone in the camp.

    You risk ruining some cargo, but it's a much simpler to use a vehicle if you're not as good with the combat yet.

    You can ram the big stationary machine guns to disable them. You want to disable those before the mules get to them. I accidentally killed a mule with a grenade trying to disable a machine gun because mule was too close. Ramming them is easier. You can tell machine gun is disabled when smoke is rising from it.

    At first I thought I killed a mule by ramming into him, but apparently not, although IRL it probably would. So Death Race 2000 it is in Death Stranding.

    My recommendation is to use a long range truck, the higher the level the better for the super long battery life. That way you can pick up everything in one go. Plus it can ram mule trucks without taking too much damage, it's twice as big. Try and ram the cab section just as mule is getting out, lol.

    This is not a subtle method and not recommended for missions where you have to pick up fragile cargo, but in early game, until you've mastered the combat tips in this video, it helps a lot to farm resources.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I think the terrorist camp sensors will ping you no matter what you carry. By the time you get to them you should have plans to fabricate armor and pouches for lots of blood to counter. But again, it's just easier with a big truck. And fun too.

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