26 Minutes Of Halo: Reach PC Gameplay

We got to play through 26 minutes of Halo: Reach at XO19 on PC in London.

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  1. I've waited for the release of a new halo on PC since Halo 2 , Not long now till released , i finally get to play , This is what happens when u cant use a controller for shit so need to wait to play on keyboard and mouse and its finally here

  2. Wtf all they did was port the game. They are expecting us to pay for the same games that we payed $60 each for and all beat years ago. What a money grab, not even remastered

  3. i'm downloading it now on launch day… I can't believe how long I've wanted proper Halo on PC!! And I can't believe how long 15GB is taking to download over my shitty internet lol!

  4. The art style of this game aged so damn well. Graphically it's not impressive at all, but the art direction, modeling, and environments were way ahead of their time. Hard to believe this came out in 2010.

  5. theres an invisible elite that you can see if you rush down but the guy looks at the burning warthog. I dont think you need legendary on to see him, I cant remember if it lets you shoot him either, the bullets would go through him

  6. Hugely underwhelming in 2019 though. Seems no effort at all has been made to add any newer effects, or even higher-res textures. Bizarrely and inexplicably, 343 seem to have chosen to perfectly, and in incredible detail, recreate a 2010 game in 2019 using 2010 technology. They even recreated the fucked-up sound effects.

  7. When they found the girl. She's speaking HUNGARIAN with RUSSIAN accent???? wtf 😀
    It's so funny cuz I'm hungarian and that horrible accent made me laugh my head off :'D
    It's like speaking english with french accent

  8. Playing FPS with joystick or console very stupid idea.. Whats the point ? aim asist ?, (game playing itself) like playing driving sim game with keyboard lol. FPS and Strategy games always belong to PC!

  9. I just got a new laptop and I want to download Reach but I'm not sure if my specs will be enough to play with decent settings, can someone help me?
    -Intel core i5-8300H, 2.30GHz
    -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
    -8GB ram
    -1TB HDD

  10. The nostalgia, it's the first shooting game I played when I was a kid. It's been more than a decade since. I'd buy this just for the feels.

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