14 Minutes of Overwatch 2 Story Mission (Rio de Janeiro)

Here’s 14 minutes of Overwatch 2’s co-op Story Mission mode! In this video, Reinhardt, Mei, Tracer, and Lucio join together to battle through Rio de Janeiro to board the enemy ship and destroy its reactor core.

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  1. You know what will be cool if after you beat the storyline you can play as any character like you can in the archives event

  2. Oh no, cutscenes? I hope they do not flood the game. If this actually will ever be released now that Activition has taken over 110%

  3. I like the looks of it, just doesn’t feel like there’s much danger. The abilities that you can choose definitely look fun but hopefully it won’t be a cakewalk. Also it needs music. Ever heard gameplay of doom without music? It’s unimpactful. Even Fortnite has music during events to set the mood

  4. Alright heres how I think PvE is going to work given the info we have so far. I think its gonna be similar to deep rock galactic where you get xp for a character you played as after each mission. You level up getting new abilities to make you stronger allowing you to retake on the story mode missions at higher difficulties. When you que for higher difficulties you have to be a required minimum level to enter and for the opposite it caps your level when you play on a lower difficulty. I could see them releasing new story mode missions and raising the level cap along with new abilities as time goes on and ultimately adding a new difficulty tier like they do with Diablo. Would be kind of fun to give it the WoW/Destiny treatment with weapon and armor drops at the end of each mission but I doubt that as it would mess with cosmetics. Still we will see, hopefully they make the incentives to play this mode worth the time and not just a spray like in OW1.

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