The Secrets of Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Open World

For all of its flaws, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a masterclass in worldbuilding, and how a fictional world can create thrilling gameplay scenarios.

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  1. This game is riddled with bugs and issues.
    However, I freaking love this game. A shit ton of stuff to find/upgrade, plus a ton of leveling up.
    I don't give two shits about story, or if there are glitches. I'm having a blast with this game.

  2. I see the complete opposite of everything you said . Having played 180+ hours I feel I lost a part of my soul and think French people hate me.

  3. I really agree with this, I hate the story and the narrative. I love the island and have completed every location. the map is better than the game itself

  4. The world in Breakpoint is not deep. It's the opposite of deep, more like a puddle.

    I can't tell you how many times I'm playing a different game out of frustration just 10min of playing Breakpoint. Wildlands is the better Ghost Recon and that game isn't the best Ghost Recon.

    Aurora is the worst open world Ubisoft has built.

  5. This is July 2020 and I've logged 420+ hours in this game. I completely concur with this video. In spite of the bugs, I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. I love exploring the world and learning about it's history as you stated. Yes we all wish it had been more polished at launch. However, I feel that they've made some pretty great improvements along the way. Hopefully, they continue to work on it and add content because I plan to spend many more hours on Aurora.

  6. came back here because i agree with everything he had said, i was one of the people that didnt bought the game on launch day because how broken this game look, but after playing the division 2 a lot, ghost recon breakpoint doesnt seem all that polarizing anymore because the enemy types and settings werent that far fetched. if you played ghost recon future soldier, breakpoint is the stepping stone into that genre again and i am happy with that. i came to the anticipation that upon playing the game, 100% of that gameplay will be frustration, but surprisingly it was not the case, gameplay wise gunplay in this game is more smoother and solid compare to wildlands, movement mechanics have been expanded, customization had seen major improvement. the game world is more unique and immersive compare to wildlands bolivia, the problem that i seen often overlook when people overhyping bolivia is that, the game is extremely big, not in a good way, landmarks and towns or villages are the carbon copy of the same thing you seen hundred times over. content is greatly sparsed out because of this, map is to big with little content populating the landmass. notice how one of the few good open world games actually have smaller map design? (witcher 3, gta IV, sleeping dogs) breakpoint and wildlands almost have the same exact mission structure, but breakpoint smaller map actually does it better compare to wildlands. el sueno barely have any presence in bolivia, walker is by far the best antagonist in the game. get the game if its on sale (less than 20, perfered less than 15) if you ignore the weird and sometimes stupid design choices (fighting a metal gear in a ghost recon game) you can find enjoyment in the solid shooting.

  7. I read the comments, most of them didn't play the game i know it. Because game is good. Nice atmosphere, nice gunplay, nica open world and it is really funny when you take it seriously. Try to play first before making a comment guys. Im having much fun with it. Thx Ubisoft for this game.

  8. Lol got this game this Christmas already sunk 60 hours into it it’s a great game in my opinion the ai has not given me any difficulties at all and I agree with all your points of view my favorite thing in the game is the player customization it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen I know not everyone will agree with me but that fine have a great year guys …

  9. Hmm. The game is a bit flawed without doubt but it had sooooo much potential. I loved the gunplay, graphics, customization, mechanics, world and the amount of content.

    If Ubisoft do learn from the mistakes on this one then they may create a masterpiece next time. They were close but not close enough.

    The fundament of the game was perfect, they just needed better writing and thrilling cinematic missions. I’m gnoring the technical issues ofc. Anyhow, I don’t know any better third person spec ops simulator than this game. I felt like a navy seal a lot of times.

  10. I have 472hs and I am so happy to see someone acknowledging its flaws WHILE also pointing the good stuff. Auroa ia a paradise for me. Wish I could live there haha Also I agree, the amount of work to build the world of Breakpoint is beyond any measure. The details of the store telling through the world and the details of the world itself. Everyplace has its purpose for the inhabitants and the dedication to make this game, even to still support it all this time after flack and flack, is astonishing.

  11. Breakpoint's open world is twice the size of Wildland's. I mean, you get trapped in the immersion in some parts of the game, and you don't want to leave at all.

  12. The “immersive” mode they added that allows you to turn off weapon progression, etc, made this game significantly better

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