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The Outer Worlds – New Gameplay Today Live

Join Game Informer’s Joe Juba and intern Alex Stadnik for an extended look at The Outer Worlds, which finally releases tomorrow. Read Joe’s glowing review here:

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  1. At first I didn’t want to play because I’m a die hard fallout fan.. but then Bethesda released a “membership pass” for their piece of shit game fallout 76

  2. It's so weird watching console people play first person games with a fucking controller, like it's all awkward from being stunted by something completely inappropriate for the game. To me it looks like how I'd play if I used my mouse and keyboard while wearing oven mitts.

  3. man… worst people to watch play games. Not only do they skip or talk over the conversations, their stupid heads and mic's block half the dialogue. Only worth it if you're watching for them and not for the game. If you're crazy about their humor maybe.

  4. Bummer. would have loved it if quests would spread like a web between every location. not 'done is done. move on' :/ That's a reason games feel empty like Rage. Hate that all these years later no one learned a thing from Vampire Bloodlines.

  5. The hosts were doing great until the first dialogue map popped up 10 mins in. Didn't pause to explain the options, and their fat heads are covering all the text. One dude even asked if we should spare the npc? How tf am I supposed to know if I cant see or hear what he says. Horrible coverage.

  6. Oh gosh i didnt think the graphics could look so bad what the hell did they make this in 2012 and release it now?

  7. The ear thing is supposed to be subsurface scattering – diffuse light seen through skin – or at least it's an approximation of it, as it's pretty consistently their left ear. They're just trying to give dialogue scenes character and detail.

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