The Outer Worlds: 9 Beginner Tips You Should Know Before Starting

The Outer Worlds has a lot to take in, and we’re here to start you out on the right foot. The Outer Worlds is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. "Wanna see Felix do a sick dropkick"? I sure do….still waiting for him to do it. That skill has to be the absolute most useless. If his target has like more than 2% life it never kills it and the stun is meaningless compared to say Parvati's stun from her hammer.

  2. Character RESPEC – there is a bug that will PERMANENTLY REMOVE your unique companion perks gained via their quest line. Be careful respecc'ing if you want those perks (otherwise you do get the point for the companion to put somewhere else, you just can't reallocate the unique ones).

  3. Would have appreciated knowing that you were going to show all of the companions that we will get. Feels like a big spoiler.

  4. Uh you should title this to “Tips for Companions” you were very set on mostly mentioning companions this whole video. This isn’t a Beginner Tips guide this is a companions guide..

  5. Does anyone have actual tips on Guns? I just started and i dont know it its just me zooming through the starting missions but im on Monarch and only have a pistol with VERY limited ammo, relatively low health to start, and a MASSIVE amount of wild life creatures and Marauders in between me and my objective. I CAN'T GET PAST THEM…. most of them i can just keep running past but jesus christ theres so many and i die so easily. Nyoka isnt enough help for me… how can i get better guns or more money so i can buy better guns and lots of ammo

  6. Load up the DIALOG skills as soon as you can, it opens up so many options in the early part of the game… if you like talking your way out of things.

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