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The Final Verdict On The Outer Worlds

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Joe Juba and intern Alex Stadnik talk about their experience playing The Outer Worlds from Obsidian and why Joe gave it such a glowing review. If you prefer to listen to the full episode, you…

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  1. I'm open minded, but I still don't understand why you're so in love with this game. I've only played it for a few hours, but the gameplay is soooooooo slow, plus there is soooooooo much reading and sorting through boring looting items in your menu that it is an absolute chore to keep playing!

  2. Graphics wise, this game looks better than FO76 and Borderlands 3, even though the maps are smaller.
    Also, if the game has multiple outcomes through chosen actions, that's a huge replay value.

  3. I’m so bummed this franchise is Microsoft exclusive they had nothing to do with the making of it, they just came in with a pile of money and took the rights to a franchise they didn’t fund or help create

  4. It's so fun! Props to Obsidian giving us yet another killer RPG.
    Also, when you collect debts early in the game you speak to an old man Mr. Abernathy, is this the same lore name from fallout 3's GOAT exam where you encounter a question with a Mr. Abernathy locking himself inside his room?

  5. I was always running out of ammo until I realized how cheap it is in vending machines so no I just buy the stock of every one I see and I’m fucking strapped.

  6. It’s amazing how bug free my experience has been so far tbh. I’m only 2 hours in and my game is already DRAMATICALLY different than the 3 other people I know playing it. I fucking despise Fallout and do not enjoy any “Bethesda” style games. This game so far has fixed every single issue I’ve had. The UI is simple and not a clusterfuck, the writing is great, voice acting is superb, and the gameplay is much improved from the Fallout design. It honestly breathes far more Mass Effect than Fallout, but I’m digging it. Could easily creep into being my game of the year.

  7. So far Im completely unimpressed and this game is VERY overhyped by far. Not one thing has been memorable or fun. Just there. Its gameplay is fine. No glitches so far except screen stutters every so often. No mtx which is great but should not be used for brownie points. Story is completely bland and forgettable. No matter the dialogue options. Combat works fine so does loot but its just not fun. Its just there. Not a bad game but far from great by a mile. 6 out of 10. Rent first or wait for a discount.

  8. 2min in, I need the spoiler version of this video as i have no idea what they're talking about despite having played the game haha

  9. So i was actually watching this while playing my first playthrough, and i actually found something that will upset Ellie enough to leave your party. When she asks you to meet her parents with her, go with her, listen to the conversation between them, and then kill her parents. She gets pretty upset and says her debt to you is paid off and never wants to see you again. So im sure there are other ways to get them pissed off enough to leave you.

  10. Outer worlds is Magnificent. Loving everything about it. One thing I wish it had (or maybe I haven’t figured it out yet) is being able to do a sneak kill from behind an NPC kind of like Assassins Creed.

  11. Running out of ammo? Are we playing the same game? I had like 10k of each ammo by the end of it. And if you're scrapping constantly on your way up, you should have an ample supply of mods. I do agree though that there needs to be more weapon variety…

  12. If Fallout New Vegas is Coke, then Outer Worlds feels like Diet Coke. I'm finding it ridiculously easy (on hard btw) and the AI to be abhorrent.

  13. They killed the outter world's should win game of year rating 9.9 does anyone realize that this game will be modded in the future 🥰🥰

  14. I’ll be honest, I’m playing this until CP2077 releases in April. Nonetheless, it’s a good game. Sucks you can’t romance anyone, not that it’s a big deal just weird they totally left romance out.

  15. Guy in the middle – sorry dont know his name – idont agree about the good/bad choices. In emerald vale i was with the rebels all the way until it came time to make the big decision. The corp may be evil but i def took on board parvatti's point about the people in town, so as far as i'm concerned i sided with them not the corp. Oh and i got the boss guy to quit and persuaded the guys at the botanical place to go back to town. Great game. Now in byzantium. Ps. Playing on xbox one s and had zero problems.

  16. I absolutely LOVED this game. However, my one real beef (and it’s a big one) is that it felt like it ended REALLY prematurely. I felt like the point in the game when it ended should have been more of a halfway point. Other than that it was a ton of fun, and I hope to see some kind DLC or sequel in the near future.

  17. Crpg custumize? Dont think so, guys this game is a 80 at best, its short and its mechanics are shallow. Those who want to play a fallout predecesor/succesor get wasteland 2 and 3 when it comes out. 4 real this was soooo dissapointing because for the comparisons to new vegas and that is on obsidian.

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