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New Gameplay Today – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Miller and Reiner join Cork and Leo to talk through some new gameplay from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which releases on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
Read Miller’s full preview here:…

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  1. Gamers remember! Companies never ever HIDE GOOD THINGS just this very bad and this game is like Anthem : everything is Scripted and every You Tube channel show the same fights in the same places, the same moves etc. ( Like with ….. Anthem ) and who's stamp will be on box ?? our favorite EA maybe ? ( like with … Anthem )

  2. Here’s my theory.

    His lightsaber is frayed on the end. Why? It was cut in half. Used to be a double bladed saber.

    He’s using Darth Mauls cut in half lightsaber from episode one.

    He’s related to or aquatinted in some way with Maul.


  3. This game looks great but I just get this feeling like it'll be one of those games like Control except maybe worse.
    It doesn't seem very deep, and i know theres customization, but I just have this feeling like it'll be once your done with the game, your done with the game.
    Idk feels like it should be worth 50 bucks

  4. Will this game be ok for those who arent really fans of the series? Game looks nice but I have very basic knowledge about the series

  5. its funny when they first put up gameplay for lightsaber used as flashlight ppl bitched saying hay thats not how u use a lightsaber its like they completely forgot about luke skywalker from the old movies and starkiller from force unleashed 2 lmfao some ppl will complain about anything

  6. Whoever this naysayer person is in this video is a pure representation of the toxic fan-base that the Star Wars community has become. Get out of this video if you are so clearly jaded to this game. Coming in to a product needing a review with such a massively negative output is absolutely unacceptable and your editor(s) should know better. Where has the integrity of the journalist gone? Unreal.

  7. the guys at central games said that the skills list is small so they don't want to let the game play at 10 o'clock before the premiere, to see a few power developments. So my guess is it's going to be a repetitive game with few variations of skill and initial powers and the only way to get more will be buying dlc (sorry my english)

  8. I have heard some concern that EA is trying to set this game up to fail by using a really bad marketing campaign. It is totally in EA's interest to have this game fail and sort of prove their point that single player games are dead, because they obviously want games they can aggressively monetize. From other gameplay I have seen the game actually looks REALLY good. Also seeing that this game might be more exploration focused is great, I love games that have less combat and more exploration.

  9. Would have been great if you would have shut the fuck up for a minute. It says New Gameplay not "Listen to us try to be funny but come off as incredibly annoying and awkward while trying way too hard" God damn, fuck your channel.

  10. I just finished God of War and loved it. To anyone who has played this game, will I like Fallen Order? Trying to decide between RE2, Fallen Order, and Spiderman.

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