Luigi's Mansion 3 Review

Luigi’s first ghost-filled adventure on Switch offers up another satisfying blend of exploration and puzzle-solving.

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  1. Quick correction, you can actually aim while using the darklight/plunger/flashlight. ZR will use the flashlight. ZL will use the plunger, and pressing both simultaneously will use the darklight. The z buttons use your pointers leaving your thumbs free to aim. Granted the game never tells you this but im surprised you never figured this out.

  2. Apparently they didn't realize you can use bumpers to use flashlight abilities, allowing use of both joysticks at the same time. Simple 5 seconds looking at control setting will show you.

  3. The problem is the at the end of the game, it doesn't safe the win! Also it leaves you at the rooftop save so you can't collect the rest of the boos or gems, I also wanted to go into the collection myself and see king boo in it!

  4. Luigi is NOT a coward

    A coward would NOT stay in a Hotel in a attempt to save his brother

    A coward WOULD follow E Gadd out of the hotel and leave his friends to their Fates

    Luigi is Scared, Snarky, And Even intelligent.

    But not a coward

  5. Brilliant game and the reviewer really knows her stuff! I trust and respect this review! Gamespot are the true game reviewers!

  6. This game is no better than a 5/10, they forgot to mention all the padding and repetitive crap the game is filled with.

  7. My 2021 Review

    After beating the game and 100% the game with my record time is 20H 38M. Okay let start should you buy this…depends. It’s good but never great. Which is really surprising cuz it looks amazing but it’s flat and I mean FLAT thru out the whole game. It never reaches epic cool moments you just explore new places which is neat and collect hidden Gems 💎 which was my fav part to figure out how to get them.

    The bosses range from okay-easy-to straight bad and not bad as in too hard naw it was just done lazy. They will give you no hints or clue to fight back or counter in half of them and you have to do a try & error process which is frustrating and lazy on them. The second half geez they put two of the worse bosses back to back and the mechanics in those fight are why there so bad. Music is okay but never reaches full charm and Goo-Luigi as a Coop game is like giving a your baby brother the second controller without it being plug in. They can still help and it can be fun but It’s pretty weak and doesn’t really need Coop. It would make it probably 10x more easier and the Coop puzzle where meh.

    Overall the game a 7/10 and it can’t go higher than that or in a number tier a Solid B- (Honestly a C+ in some parts). There way more better games and I wish the game was a 9/10 and an A+ tier game( crazy if it was a S tier) but it isn’t.

    Now the story is very generic save your friends(again ugh) and find the missing buttons in the elevator to continue THAT IT.
    I wish it was Luigi and Daisy going to a hotel with friends and Luigi had to save his girl (which is half cannon) GIVE DAISY SOMETHING TO DO! It’s Luigi story so having Daisy in it would’ve made me happy and maybe actually have a story around them maybe she got possessed and lured Luigi and now trap but he has save her and once he does King Boo come in like it’s not hard! All while Mario trying to save peach someone else Geezzzzzz

    I’m done

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