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How Pokémon's Art Director James Turner Draws Pokémon

While visiting Game Freak for Game Informer’s new cover story on Pokémon Sword And Shield, we spoke with the new game’s art director James Turner about his career while he drew his favorite Pokémon. Learn more at

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  2. I'm an artist and I've been playing Pokemon for years I would like to get a job as an art director or just a plain artist for Pokemon but it seems like a pipe dream

  3. I appreciate his success. He's from a little village in my area. It gives my son hope that he could do the same thing one day. I like to tell him James Turner is from down the road and he was the art director on sword and shield! It's inspiring for him.

  4. So pokemon get bad wen other guys designed they? I mean, this guy is nice guy, but i fell pokemon are more animal before, savage, today they are like digimon or furry woman be like

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