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GI Show – Pokémon Sword, Writing Reviews, The Outer Worlds Interview

On this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show podcast, we talk about some interesting news stories before Brian Shea talks about playing the first 1.5 hours of Pokémon Sword and Kimberley Wallace explains why she loves the new Trails of Cold…

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  1. My review scale is PERFECT.
    0. You couldn't play the game. (game stuck in the menu)
    1. Game is broken, unfinishable.(bugs, glitches)
    2. Game is unplayable (extreme poor performance )
    3. Game is unpolished.(you can play/finish the game but is plagued by a lot of issues).
    4. Game is bad. Poor design, boring. Ugly.
    5. Average. Just uninspired. No ambition.
    6. Ok. A little bit of ambition.
    7. Good. It has something interesting to say (history, gameplay, mechanic) but the executing is not quite there.
    8. Great. It has something especial, unique, original, but the whole package fall a bit short.
    9. Amazing. Everything could be a 10 out of 10 but there is something that smudges that perfect score.
    10. Masterpiece. Everything it does has perfect cohesion.


  2. I JUST noticed the pictures on the side of the bookshelf of the GI 7, that were let go during the layoffs. Reason number 5,327 that I LOVE U GUYS AND GALS SO MUCH! I have so much respect for y'all! Thank u for keeping up the great work!

  3. For people who are interested in an arcade cabinet I recommend getting a Pandora 6S. It's the joysticks part with no cabinet but cost only $150 and has 1,500 games including TNMT and Street Fighter games. I have it and play it all the time. You can plug it into a TV and the system itself produces sound.

  4. I recommend getting extended warranty on peripherals. Bestbuy does a great job with replacing controllers after they are worn out. I bought a controller a few years ago and whenever it starts getting stuck i bring it to best buy and they replace it for me with a new one. I then buy the warranty for the new controller for usually 10 dollars. That ensures i always can get it replaced without spending the full price on a new one.

  5. How could they bring up inflated scores for reviews done by fanboys and not bring up Dan Tack and From Software. With him why bother with a review at all and just Dan thinks it's perfect like every other game they make. I.E. Dark Souls 2 (the original version)got a 9.75, Dan is incapable of being objective for those games

  6. You know just because there's an unusually hard boss fight doesn't mean the devs didn't play it. There is a well known phenomena where devs will playtest their own games so much that they get so good at it that they think difficult bosses are easy.

  7. GOSH, please, go straight to the point without "no, I cannot say this or that". How many brand new Pokémon did you see in the first routes, give a number, stop being vague, thanks.

  8. I wish I could see a gigantamax form of gigantamax charizard black and blue flames like mega charizard X. Would be cool not going to happen anytime soon I think lol

  9. Two things. I agree Hailee Steinfeld was very good in True Grit and the film overall is really solid. The other is I actually really like the Uncharted 2 final battle. Challenging and fun imo. Best in the series although that's not saying much.

  10. wow, I thought I was the only one who had the "forgot to go to a class the whole semester" dreams. I almost forgot that I had them until they brought it up. Why is this a thing? Stupid brains

  11. It is so lame that a 7 score means average. Why using a 10 points scale if only 3 numbers are in the "good" side? Also a lot of people dont know this criteria, but if they dont know then they deserve to buy an awful game for thinking 6 or 7 are scores above average and being f*cking normies, right?

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