Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review In Progress

2019’s Modern Warfare both draws from the original and lays a good foundation for the rest of the series, despite some thematic issues and co-op pitfalls.

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  1. It's 2019 so everyone has to be soft and salty. Lol 2030 and these journalists will will say seeing Blood in games is too "jarring".

    Also, thanks for spoiling the story.

  2. Experiencing Farah's suffering in-game is a GREAT example of "show, don't tell". Playing those missions show you exactly WHY she's a respected leader, and a strong will person, so calling these missions "unnecessary" is down right ignorant.

  3. Because you guys are communist and leftist and russia fan!????you reviews this masterpiece like that?????you score this game because insulating the russians and communism?????wtf are you doing in the GameSpot?????

  4. Is this the same girl that did the whole feminist review a while back. If it is please stop letting her review thing's, we have enough of the nonsense in everything else. People use games as an escape. Not to hear a self-important rant.

  5. 7??? The campaign is so refreshing and such a emotional story easily one of the best COD campaigns in like, well let's just say black ops 1 your sooooo wrong 9-10 easy mw2 is still the best, but this one WOW!!!!!

  6. This review is so full of crap. Just some nub complaining about weapons used in war in a war game. I don’t see how brutally killing your enemy in mortal Kombat is not unsettling. This review get’s a dookie out of 10.

  7. (♪ Farrah Her name was Was Farrah ♫) >:( wouldn't have minded her ode to Farrah so much, if only she'd kept her review spoiler free. Instead of spoiling much of the games new elements.

  8. Actually, the developers of this game came up with the name "Urzikstan" but the truth is that it refers to KURDISTAN, and Farah Karim is a Symbol in this game to represent the Kurdish female fighters, the YPJ and YPG forces who fought against Isis, they are Kurds, but I think it would be much cooler if they spoke their original language which is Kurdish, not Arabic. So keep that in mind guys, to honor our brave Kurdish fighters who fought against Isis.

  9. With the Review in progress itself getting so many dislikes, Gamespot is now reluctant to post the final review, even after all the outlets have posted theirs. Do they stick to the original review score and invite the further wrath of the fans, or do they up the score and be deemed unworthy of their initial opinion? They know they clearly made a mistake with this review and reviewer.

  10. This is a comprehensive and understandable review of the game, and the response to it proves that people dont look for that substance… They go into these reviews expecting a man most of the time to tell them that the game is great and that is it.

    Last time a transgender reviewer received the same treatment and it is just so disappointing when this shit still happens.

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