Apex Legends Crypto Guide: Abilities And How To Use The New Legend

Apex Legends Season 3 brings a slew of new content including the hacking Legend, Crypto. We break down his abilities and give tips on how to maximize his play style so you can start getting wins!

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  1. Just got an amazing game with Crypto started with one less squad member and the other left so I was sneaking my ass around the whole game picked up a sniper and used the drone to make sure it was safe and only joined in on ongoing fights scoring 2 kills and near 1k dmg and made top 3. Not amazing for some but considering I was alone, always on the move and not having the most time to loot for good stuff that was amazing.

  2. The banner thing is wrong. It's 200 meters as Cypto as the centre. I've tested it and it's pretty handy cause you can move around and see which direction the enemies are.

  3. I just came to try and find out how I shot some guys drone down, and 30 seconds later his new drone is flying at us.. I thought he would be out of drone?

    Also wraith going to ghost mode, it shakes off stuck arc stars too? I stuck a wraith other day, went to chase as it ghosted off, walked into my arc star must have been just floating in the air where I stuck the wraith.. Seems legit

  4. this legend is a clutch king. With his drone, you could survey the surroundings in the final circles and plan strategically. You could even do some metal gear solid stuff with the drone.

  5. what i and my friends do is grab bangalore crypto(me) and gibalter and emp first then gibby airstrike with bangelores ultimate the enemies shit their pants then xD

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  7. Here it is season 5 and I am just now starting to main Cyrpto. I am having a lot of fun with the drone. One thing that is worth mentioning is how the drone draws enemy fire. In my opinion, that is a secondary passive. While they are shooting at the drone, they are distracted and not shooting you. If you can pilot the thing well, its hard for them to shoot down.

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