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64 Rapid-Fire Questions With Shenmue III's Yu Suzuki

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Ben Reeves volleys as many questions as possible to the legendary Sega designer Yu Suzuki about Shenmue III, the Dreamcast, Space Harrier, and much more. To learn more about the game, listen to the latest…

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  1. Yu Suzuki said Shenmue would never cross over with Yakuza, but imo it already did. In Shenmue 1, in the gambling room, the rude long haired doorman with the sunglasses is Akira Nishikiyama, Kiryu's childhood friend from Yakuza Zero, and inside the gambling room where the Yakuza were, the older man with the purple suit, slicked back hair and gold sunglasses with the scruffy voice is Daisaku Kuze, senior lieutenant of the Dojima yakuza family from Yakuza Zero as well. Since Yakuza Zero took place in Japan in 1988, and Shenmue took place late 1986, its very much plausible :p

  2. Anyone else wanted him to finish the series with a trilogy or is that just me? I mean this is a niche game for the people who played the orginal on Dreamcast. He had to get the fans for fund what he couldn't, then all that buisness happened with the backers who were promised Steam play. I LOVE him and this game but damn this is pushing your luck for a conclusion we've all been waiting for for YEARS!

  3. The guy asking the questions just comes off as rude and lacking respect. We are lucky to have someone as modest as Yu Suzuki. This interviewer seems like A piece of shit who most likely didn't play Shenmue when it first came out.

  4. Yu Suzuki is the best. I'm glad he continue to make games. He's always been a creative person, and leaving a good mark in this world. I personally thought he retired.

  5. Interviewer sounds like a little jerk that doesn't appreciate shenmue video game . I was first played Shenmue on Dreamcast in my early 20s and the game has massive nostalgia for me . He's being a little jerk ?

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