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101 Rapid-Fire Questions About Pokémon Sword And Shield

In this exclusive Game Informer interview Pokémon Sword and Shield’s director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda answer questions about the mainline RPG series’ debut on the Nintendo Switch. Learn more at

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  1. the guy saying "i think players can choose the right playstyle in terms of difficulty for themselves" should be hit in the face. what kind of braindead statement is that? how would you know what the right playstiyle is to make the game more challenging? you dont know which pokemon are the weakest. and this is no way to enjoy a game when you have to actively try to play bad just to have the resemblence of a challenge. shame on you dude!

  2. Their Non-Pokemon Favorite Animes, Undoubtely, based on how they influenced creation and designs for rival characters and legendary pokemon:
    Masuda : Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure
    Ohmori : ZOIDS

  3. Some more questions:
    What exactly is a Pokemon Master?
    What's inside a Pokeball?
    What's inside the PC?
    Why are the trainer characters always ten years old?
    When you beat the champion in the games, do you become the champion?
    What do they think of the Missingno. glitch?
    Have they heard about the Lavender Town creepypasta?
    Will there ever be more than 3 evolutions?
    What was their favorite Pokemon games to develop?
    What was their favorite Pokemon games to play?

    What came first, Voltorb or the Pokeball?
    Did ghost type Pokemon use to be living?
    Who in-universe writes the Pokedex entries?
    Who in the studio writes the Pokedex entries? Is it the artist who designed the Pokemon?
    Who invented to Pokeball?
    What is the value of Pokedollars to real currency?

    And most importantly, what does the underground portion of a Diglett look like?

  4. Are we gonna gloss over the fact that Ohmori flat-out called himself a 'nerd'?
    For context, while the term 'otaku' means 'anime fan' in western culture, it literally means 'nerd' in Japan.

  5. 1:49 Guy: "Have you ever considered making multiple difficulties for a Pokémon game?"
    Both: a resounding "No".
    Like…. I can't even begin with how INCOMPETENT and OUT-OF-TOUCH with their own fanbase that is!!!!

  6. “What’s underneath Tangela’s vines?”
    “Six million dead minorities and square dancing ring of LAPD officers from the 1950s.”


  7. "Who do we have to beg for Pokémon Snap 2?"
    masuda and ohmori surprised pikachu face, picks up phone
    "Hey Bandai Namco, it's me Junichi Masuda, hey you guys wanna make Snap 2?"

  8. Please sir Ash must have one Galar starter pokemon ???? please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  9. I loved that, "could anyone watching right now outlive pokemon" and both them saying "the challenge is to keep it going, and then the "you have to live for 300 years" answered with "I'll do my best" Love em both!!!

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