10 Minutes Of Overwatch Switch Gameplay

Oh, that’s right! Overwatch Nintendo Switch gameplay. See for yourself how Overwatch looks both docked and undocked on Switch. Overwatch comes to the Nintendo Switch October 15th.

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  1. So let’s recap the Switch’s library:
    Saints Row 3
    LA Noire

    Gotta say it really does hold its own

  2. Can anyone give me an idea of battery life? Considering buying a switch and overwatch just so I can play it in bed. Obviously I can charge whilst in bed but it’s not always ideal.

  3. Lol I already play ow on ps4 but got it to switch as well and now I laugh at how everyone can't play well cause they don't know how xddddddd

  4. Well the switch has 4gb of RAM. 1gb is used for system OS so games only have 3gb of RAM for use. That includes video ram. This is nuts.

  5. I tried to use this footage to convince my son that Overwatch on the Switch would be potato gameplay, but he just said that was good because he's a potato, too.

  6. I wish they would bring old school cods like mw2 and black ops to the switch it would be perfect the only thing close to cod on the switch is warface and it's pretty decent

  7. I have a switch but its so old and dirty still works fine tho but still i wanna test it on switch lite waiting for Quarantine to end so i can buy one i dont trust online shops i wont play it on normal switch tho because if i do i will get used to it and when the lite comes it will feel weird

  8. I want to know the playerbase on Overwatch on Switch like if it is already low on PC i can't imagine on switch + playing on 30fps a shooter game is kinda shit with controller

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