The Surge 2 – Exclusive 13 Minutes Of Official Gameplay

Take a look at this exclusive gameplay of the Surge 2 showing multiple weapons and a boss fight against the Delver!

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  1. I remember for hours farming the dlc angel armor then leveling it up on the first game, first level. Feeling confident I finally decided to progress to the second lvl…to only b 3 shot hit killed by the basic first few enemies. Sadly , that's when I quit. I'll give this game more of a chance lol

  2. Looks pretty good, though I'm still seeing the one big complaint I had with The Surge 1. At 11:34 you can see that as the player starts to circle the boss, the boss's orientation instantly snaps to face the player as part of the start up of it's attack. This feels fine with small enemies but feels bad when facing large enemies. Enemies clearly turn faster than the player can move around, so just have the AI for large enemies delay making an attack until facing the player or give them a side swipe to realign quickly.

  3. only thing i wish they changed was the dodge animation, it still looks kinda stupid like before. I don't want rolling like in darksouls because that would look even more ridiculous but it should look a bit more fluid, maybe how the dodge animation looked like in bloodborne. Other than that it looks like a buy again for me. Hopefully the bosses don't disappoint this time around.

  4. This reminds me of a robot game I played back in the Genesis I think. You could destroy enemy robots and use their parts as upgrades. This might not be perfect… but this alone will make me want to play it.

  5. Damn this actually looks pretty good.
    I overlooked the first one for the longest time and then decided to give it a try, played through it 3 times in one week. If this is as good or even better than the first one its going to be a damn good time

  6. Never played the first game, but this looks cool so I'll keep an eye on it and see what it looks like on release. The movements and feel remind me a lot of dark souls and bloodborne.

  7. I'm already seeing one major improvement over the first game: the placement of the HUD. Having it in the bottom middle of the screen will make it so much easier to keep track of your health and stamina than it is in most games of this type.

  8. I was wondering what was so off with the audio. . . There's no music at all or background sound really at all just the fight sounds. I don't know if that's good or bad yet

  9. I absolutely loved the first game, had no idea it existed, then saw it at GameStop and looked it up on the spot, I loved dark souls, so of course I bought it, played days on end had an amazing setup by my NG+3 it was an amazing experience, so I can’t wait to get this one, kind of low on money at the moment so excited for friday

  10. so they're like super buper advanced, with high tech gadgets and robots and stuff… but they still fight with swords and shields like it's 10th century? :ddd this is so dumb

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