Resident Evil: Project Resistance – Official Teaser Trailer

Project Resistance is a brand new team-based survival horror. More details will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show.

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  1. Wait I thought capcom was gonna make an announcement at 3:00 pm eastern time ??? We already knew about project Resistance the trailer was released two days ago 🙁

  2. judging from the teaser it gives me the VIbes of Evolve ( the concept of 4 VS 1 ) …. I Hope they emphasize on realistic approach .. I hate Superspeed blob of zombie-like L4D

  3. Very Sad that Resident Evil kinda brought up the genre of zombie horror game and now copies from left for dead or walking dead. This really looks like Left for Dead with Resident Evil setting and some generic characters.

  4. you know even though this is a Copy of Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th , I'm happy to see more Horror Survival games esp made by big companies like Capcom who has capabilities , But They've always had the Idea of a Mastermind around even in the old RE franchise like The overseer in Resident Evil Revelations 2 , and Code Veronica

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