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Replay – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Join Game Informer for a look back at a rare example of a licensed game that far exceeded the movie it was paired with.

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  1. This is how you cast characters like Wolverine. Rugged and hard looking with bass in their voices. This is how Superhero castings should be. Not teen boyish looking actors with no bass in their voices unless it fits like Reynolds as Deadpool and Holland as Spidey since they are inmature characters so a less mature kid sounding voice fits. Pattinson shouldn't be Batman. Daniel Craig or Josh Brolin or John Hamm would be better. Goran Visinjic would have probably been the perfect Bruce Wayne. He's like Bruce Wayne jumped out the comic. It's just that he doesn't have the box office draw. Full manly voices and rugged manly good looks not boyish good looks with weak voices. Voices in the range of Jackman, Brolin, Hamm, and what not. Not in the range of DiCaprio, Damon, Stephen Amell(Arrow) or whatever. Certain characters need to look and feel like men and not boys. I realize certain traits you have no control over but still. Casting boyish looking guys or teen heartthrobs isn't the best way to go.

  2. I regret not being able to play this game. I didn't have access to the console at the time I don't think. I really want to play this. Probably the best movie video game ever. And not only that. It looks like a great game period.

  3. Halfway through video, hoping they figure out the grapple dismemberment lol, one of the coolest mechanics in the games, I loved taking the techno soldiers arms off and beating them to death

  4. rocksteady might be able to do a wolverine game. linear story in large open ended areas/levels that you travel to via X jet that you also use to select from different missions for multiple storylines. have occasional appearances from other xmen for team up combat like in arkham knight. storyline is the brotherhood of mutants are all freed from prison by magnetos orders to ravage all humans so mutants rules the land, magneto isn't actually calling the shots but another mutant is secretly.

  5. Back in early 2010, I had bought The Saboteur, but my PC didn't support it's requirement, so i got this game as a replacement. I still have it. Great game.

  6. Probably the only time the game was better than the movie lols, not only that guys, it had SENTINELS!! THE REAL DEAL, not days of the future past (movie) sentinels. The Animated/comic book ones!

    P.s. Mortal Kombat movie was still pretty cool tho lol

  7. From Reeves' review of Thor: "In fact, you’d probably have a more authentic Thor experience if you ran through a renaissance festival with a hammer and a cape yelling 'Verily!'", hahah.

  8. Okay, I legit have some great X-Men game ideas, and other Marvel video game ideas. All are 4-player co-op action games, with some weird plotline concepts, and dark/mature twists.

  9. I probably watched this episode but I have zero recollection of it… I'm not a super hero fan so it's possible that I skipped this episode entirely, which would be odd because I'm a Replay fan. Maybe I just zoned out…

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